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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Have you all seen or come across the latest offering from Mobile phone Company RIM- the brand owners of BlackBerry? It's none other than BLACKBERRY PORSCHE P'9981. After the launch of the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 many had thought at least they had bought the ultimate normal phone.

In Nigeria from the little we have come to know, the type of Phone(s) or Caliber of phone(s) you carry determines your MOJO.  People assess who you are or what you can do or calculate what you might be worth by checking out your phones.

So with the launch of this new one, people generally are going to all be in a race to see who carries it first or who starts using it first. So don't you all be surprised when your friends or people in general start asking you about your phone(s). If it's not the new iPhone 4 s- (which is still very cheap compared to this new one), that the Chinese not too long ago wanted to kill the store staffers over in China, then it has to be the New P'9981.

The new wonder phone is collaboration between Porsche Designs & Research In Motion (RIM) the owners of the Blackberry brand. Just checkout the P'9981's package- Stainless Steel body, hand-wrapped leather back cover, sculpted QWERTY, crystal clear touch display, Exclusive PINS, exclusive Porsche Design UI & a bespoke Wikitude world browser, 1.2 GHz processor, HD Video recording, 24-bit high resolution Graphics, 8 GB-on board memory that is expandable to 40 GB with micro SD card & it operates on Blackberry 7 OS.

The idea behind this phone is for it to directly compete with the Nokia's king of phone range-Vertu.

And it comes at a very AFFORDABLE-$2000; for an upgraded Bold Touch 9900. So girl-friends you now all have a Valentine gift you can ask for from your Bobos!

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