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Saturday, January 21, 2012


We had restrained from making any comment(s) for all this while, but just couldn't resist it any longer. The escape of the bomb blast suspect-Kabir Sokoto right from the grasp of the Police just rubs one wrongly, it’s quite unbelievable. Even the great Houdini-the renowned escapist (magician) of yore would have been impressed by this magic act.

How a suspected enemy of the state, who we can visualize in shackles-Hand-cuffs or leg-cuffs being led out by combat ready Policemen, whose eyes would be blazing watching for any foolish insects to land without permission before releasing their triggers, would allow one man to disappear right before their eyes is still baffling! The suspect with his very strange powers who couldn't use the same power while alone where he was being held, all of a sudden huffed and puffed and then dematerialized right before the policemen leading him to his apartment.

We are of the opinion that the Nigerian Police Force, most especially the division that handled the ''Escape Drama'' should be awarded a special award medal by either the organizers of the Golden Globe or the Oscars in the category of ''BEST DISAPPEARING ACT IN A DRAMA’’.

If you have ever seen where Policemen make an arrest, you will know for a fact that it would be nearly impossible for a suspect to disappear from their grasp. So how this particular one became very easy we cannot understand. It is very easy for the Nigerian Police to arrest innocent protesters or even shoot innocent young men playing football on the streets, but when it comes to dangerous elements or enemies of the state they suddenly become totally incompetent. Kudos! To our beloved IGP for leading -the Best Police Force in the World. So good are they at their job that even the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces totally acknowledged their competence by ordering the Army to take over the security of Lagos in the aftermath of the protests against deregulation. A role that normally should be that of the Police.

Now that a bounty has been placed on the head of the escaped suspected bomber! Let’s just hope that he and his accomplices would be found.

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Zia said...

He's reportedly been found. OLD GIST!