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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS NOW ? CREDITED TO BEN MURRAY-BRUCE-speaking his mind on the current imbroglio

We woke up this morning to this alert-titled why are we doing this now? Credited to the Silverbird's group chairman-Mr. Ben Murray-Bruce. Whose bid to better the lot of the people in his home state -Bayelsa was allegedly scuttled by the powers that be, reason being that he possesses dual citizenship?

The write-up articulated very nicely the minds of millions of Nigeria, and brought to mind some of the reasons why Nigerians do not seem to trust this particular government and also pointed out what the government must first take care of to get the people to support their vision(s). Below is the write-up for your perusal. Enjoy! Mr. Bruce is well known for his power of oratory. Though the write-up is credited to him, it is unconfirmed. Hear him

Let us remind ourselves the reason for this showdown. It is not about subsidy, I keep repeating this fact. It is about the following indices that make our government big, wasteful and ineffective:

Big and overblown governments at all levels
70 Ministers!
Over twenty Special advisers. On what ?
Every minister is entitled to 4 Special Assistants.
Senate President earns 88 Million Naira monthly
His Deputy Earns 55 Million Naira monthly
Senators take home 14 Million naira monthly
It takes 1.4 Billion naira to maintain the NASS annually (Remember what Sanusi said about 25% of our GDP is used to feed people who only sit Tuesday - Thursday Our Governors exhibit such level of opulence shunned by the richest nations in the world
Our 2012 budget has a deficit component to it. We are supposed to borrow about 1.6 TRILLION NAIRA. NASS will be paid from that!
Aso Rock will use 1 Billion of it to eat!
Aso Rock will use another 1 Billion to fuel generators.
The Vice President will use 58 Million Naira to buy newspapers.
The office of Patience Jonathan will use 500 Million to speak bad English to you.
We will spend close to 500 Billion on International Travels.
In 2012, some state governors will collect 100 as security votes MONTHLY.
They will continue to enjoy immunity clause!
Your hospitals will have no drugs.
Your schools will still have no quality to train a world class scholar.
Your roads will still be death traps.
You will still be a local government unto yourself, providing water, security, power and social security!
You will still pay more for petroleum products.
You will pay toll in 2012 on federal interstate roads.
If you will like this to continue in 2012, then stay at home and enjoy power as provided by PHCN!
Have a nice day!

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