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Friday, January 6, 2012


We came across this broadcast late last night, calling on all Nigerians to Fast and Pray for the country as the fight over the removal of fuel subsidy intensifies. The broadcast, though unconfirmed says the call for Fasting & Prayer came from the Christian Association of Nigeria. This is the excerpt of the broadcast below:

''CAN announced yesterday that all CHRISTIANS are to FAST and PRAY for this nation today (Friday). Theme: LET THE WICKEDNESS OF THE WICKED COME TO AN END. Psalm 7; 9. Please show your Love for Nigeria, by sending it to all your Christian friends. God bless and keep us all''.

Some Nigerians who got the broadcast have reacted through another broadcast, which is getting a lot of supports, with people adding their names and re-broadcasting same message. We thought to bring this to our readers’ attention. The full broadcast below: We have not been able to ascertain the authorship of the message.

Enough of the fasts!

On the 28th of August 1963, a Baptist Church Pastor led 250,000 (largest crowd in the US capital ever) African Americans to the Lincoln Memorial, Washington to fight for the rights of the Black Man in America.

Five years later, 6.01pm on the 4th of April, 1968, Pastor Martin Luther King was killed for having the audacity to challenge a 140 year status quo. He was killed but today America is a free society. That is faith as exemplified by Christ.

Where is the faith of our Bishops and Pastors? Christians should fast and pray today for the nation when we should put action to our faith? Are the pastors not aware that most Nigerians have been fasting for 9 years on less than a $1 a day?

Our Christian leaders are proud to host the President and Governors at their convention rather than confront the system.

Imagine a rally in Abuja with Archbishop Olubunmi Okogie, Alhaji Abdul-Lateef Adegbite and other leading muslim clerics plus Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Bishop Oyedepo, Sam Adeyemi in the front and we their congregation behind them? Even if nothing much happens, we would have shaken the foundations on which lies and deceit have been erected in this nation.

We will effect a 40year change in 4 hours. Acts of the Apostles is a compendium of actions and not fasting of the Apostles. We are the salt of the earth; salt must enter the hot stew and dissolve to sweeten the cooking.

I AM NOT FASTING TODAY!!! I never gave it a thought.

I need a march led by our Christian leaders. There is a price to freedom that the church and our Muslim brothers must pay for our nation to move forward.

On which side of the divide do we belong? Because if we have to look at the situations on the ground properly, if we pray from now till kingdom come and we refuse to give actions to our hope, it would only remain a mirage.  It’s like a hungry man, who sits inside the house praying and just hoping that someone would come knocking on his door to give him food and even expects to be spoon-fed.

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Anonymous said...

They should curse the Government instead of fasting and praying.