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Friday, January 13, 2012


We got this alert and we were a bit scared, that the longer the protests goes on for, the more frustrated the people might become and then it just  might give evil minded and lazy people the opportunity to unleash mayhem on the people under the pretext of the protest. We are asking the government to please see reason and back down to avoid the total collapse some people are on the lookout for. A stitch in time they say, saves Nine.  Pictorial narratives of the protests have being added, to drive home our points on the need for all to be aware.

The alert is below-

It really is scary - Sent by someone  living in VGC ;

Left my house @ 5:30 am this morning to pick up my fellow comrades @ Ajah so we could head for our Occupy centre @ Falomo! Between Ajah and Eleganza Okoya house, we must have encountered area boys’ barricades every 100metres! That is a total of about 43! Stones, clubs, machetes, are just some of the frightening weapons they wielded! It doesn't help that they were high on indian hemp and hot drink!!! Threats of smashing the windscreen or spitting in our faces were real if we failed to 'settle them'!! It did not pacify them in any way when we told them we were fighting on the same side and heading for the mass rally! If anything it infuriated them! The barricades had names such as "Boko Haram" or "Last bus stop". I could not believe this was Nigeria. These guys are frustrated to their teeth!! We are sitting on a time bomb.  These are children of a 'lesser god" who see that they can actually hold us hostage should they decide to; igniting an uprising of the poor against the middle and ruling class. In history class we called this a revolution!!
The interesting thing is that some of them are our cooks, drivers and carpenters!  We recognized one of our electricians!!! The discordant voices of discontent are getting louder and angrier!!

Fortunately for us, one of the area boys called, Jumbo, pulled us aside and strongly advised us to turn back!  He warned us that ahead of us is a war zone and a war zone is a war zone!!! He accepted to escort us back to VGC gate but could go no further as they all had their 'hoods' or 'turf'! Our return journey was just as frightening with skirmishes between our escorts (Jumbo and 2 others hanging on the car) and the area boys who had set up barricades on the other lane! There is clearly a breakdown of law and order! #Occupy Nigeria is much more than the removal of fuel subsidy! There are serious social and economic issues that we must collectively address before this Nation becomes another Somalia!

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