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Friday, June 14, 2013



We arrived in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria today Friday, June 14, 2013 in preparation for the wedding ceremony between Adanna Nzeribe & Chima Anyanso, which is set for Oguta, Imo State tomorrow, Saturday, June 15, 2013 starting from 12 noon. We had come into Owerri en-route Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory and even from that part of Nigeria, there was already the buzz going around as many were going to Owerri for this wedding of the month. We were quite surprised as we had thought the buzz was only in Lagos and mostly in Owerri. 

From the Sam Mbakwe Owerri airport, you immediately know that something major was about happening in town. The number of young men and women landing from various parts, majorly Abuja & Lagos was unprecedented. There were various cars, buses, jeeps to pick up guests and families from the airport straight to their hotels. We and close to a hundred of people that we saw, the likes of Tuface & Annie Idibia, Uti Nwachukwu and several other guests we were just meeting for the first time, were transported to the Rockview Hotel, which is on Okigwe Road, Roundabout, in the centre of town, just opposite the Douglas House.  Nearly all the over a hundred rooms of the hotel were taken by guests who had come for the wedding. 

If the sheer number of people we have seen is anything to go by, both male & female and the various cars (jeeps) and things is a pointer to what is going to happen tomorrow, then Owerri & Oguta in Imo State is in for a real treat, as it's already quaking in anticipation. Already with so many people in, there's excitement all over the place and you all need to be here to see ''gorgeousness in great numbers walking around on 2 feet'' . We never knew that Owerri is such a bustling and cool city until now. One can even live here and have fun on the highest level. Landing at the Sam Mbakwe Airport, one is immediately impressed as the airport has been completely refurbished and looking spick and span. Then from the airport till we got to the hotel, the road was very good and kudos to the hotel management also for a good, very functional and well ran hotel. 

Back to the upcoming wedding proper. Come tomorrow, Saturday, June 15, 2013 at the Haven  of Peace Villa Oguta which is expansive home of the Ogbuagu, Oshiji, Damanze Oyimba of Oguta (which means the Friend of the town of Oguta), that is the title of the one and only Senator Francis Arthur Nzeribe, who would be hosting the Igba-Nkwu of his daughter Adanna Nkiru to the MD/CEO of Ceecon Oil & Gas Limited, the tall & handsome Chimaobi Desmond Anyanso. The event we hear would host not less than 5000 guests made up of family members and friends of both families. According to our findings not less than 14 caterers have been engaged for this party. There's plenty more razzmatazz in store for tomorrow from what we hear, we here the Limpopo crooner Kaycee would be serenading the couple amidst other things line up. 

About the groom-Chima, apart from running a thriving business oil and gas firm, and also owning an hospitality center in the Lekki-Phase 1 area, Chima is one of the most philanthropic young men of his generation, sending many indigent students to schools and he is also a regular at many charity homes. And many are already predicting a political career in the future for the 31 year old. 

Congratulations in advance to the couple. May your joy be forever.


NONHATER said...

Babes get liver ooooo.

Anonymous said...

Aloba you are in my state. Although I've not been there for over ten years. Maybe you will see Okorocha buying roasted corn near Douglas house. LOL. Enjoy. We are waiting for the London one.
Is he just 31? Shut up.

Gbogbo Bigz Girlz said...

Babes herself dey tough. Sometimes when you see people dabble into "outrageous" situations, you know "won ni nkan ti won gbojule".

Jesus pikin 247 said...

For person to carry yourself go do such elaborate wedding for village,I beg,its true Oni nkan tan gbojule ooooooooo,I beg make God help person o

Anonymous said...

GBG and Jesus pikin, please translate that Yoruba, am Igbo.

Gossip Police said...

@Igbo anon, that phrase means 'some people have extra ordinary powers or supernatural reliance to have guts to dabble into tough situations'.

Reminds me of an ex Lagos big boy whose mother is known as a witch in Lagos and London. Saw the guy with a Yoruba babe in London and he looked fulfilled with her. My friends were like does this lady know what she's marrying into! And one of my friends said that Yoruba phrase.

Summarily, some people know what they are going into and have the powers to cope with it!

Anonymous said...

I dont know this guy personally but pple need to leave him alone. Nobody knows why his other marriages failed. We condemn pple too much in this country meanwhile we all have our own crosses. Leave him alone. I wish him happy married life and i pray i find my own true love.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Nzeribe is sorting him out so he will behave. If not she will pull the carpet right under his feet. I wish them luck. They fit each other. Adanna is not squeaky clean either.
GP; cracking my head at who this mama witch is. Ignore my aprokpo! I had an experience myself, I picked race at the mama witch I faced. I have no extraordinary powers. God told me to pick race and I gladly obliged.

Mama Borngirl said...

And the white wedding will hold in London in Aug. I saw the London event coming as Adanna is friends with Amaka Araraume.

@Gbogbo Bigz Girlz and Jesus pikin, it's not strange-only extraordinary people dabble into extraordinary circumstances.

@Gossip Police, enuff of calling people's mother witches. It's not fair!

Me said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I pray for Adana n wish her a happy married life. But I think dis 3rd marriage shudder been as quiet as possible. #justmythots.

Sam said...

It is stupid of anyone to think that every rich man got his money through corrupt practices. It amounts to envy by lazy hands. Hard work begets good reward.

If you have the coins and your children wed at Ajegunle (in a slum) then you are not worth being their father. Life has no duplicate; enjoy the best of it when the luck smiles on your face. I congratulate Chief Omokore and family for giving his Son, Tosin, the best of marital beginning. May God make him richer.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people see an attempt to find happiness again in marriages as a terrible thing. Some previous marriages did not work cos both parties agreed it is not working or it was the safest decision to make @ dat point. This lady in question might not be the reason d dude' marriage fell apart. They both have a right to find happiness, they owe it to themselves respectively & collectively and to no one else. Yeah,d bible says the divorced should stay separated till Death, but same bible says no man should be alone. I use to say "never Ever", "if na me I go.." Until I was made to understand that since I know not the future it is best to just say "may it not happen to me or may I not find myself in such " It is seriously a bad thing to Judge. You don't know until u know. We all have our challenges n short comings, let's just wish them well shikena. HML u two, may God bless ur union,Amen!

Aproko said...

Aloba, pls give us exclusive pixes of the event... Pixes are already circulating on bb dps.