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Saturday, June 29, 2013

TONTO DIKEH, NDLEA, HEMP & 15 YEARS? who do we believe Saturday Punch or Seun Oloketuyi or even the NDLEA?


 Tonto was alleged to have posted pictures of Ganja(marijuana, Indian hemp) on her Instagram page a couple of days ago. The post like it should do, drew the ire of everyone. Basically because everyone thought that how can a supposed role model be seen to openly support the smoking of weed. She was alleged to have posted the following ''Mi ssmoke ganja mi smoke weed while my hatez smoke my gossip''. 

After the uproar & anger expressed correctly expressed by all and sundry. The controversial thespian/singer through her media aides came up with a press statement denying complicity in the posting of the very controversial pictures. While claiming it was a fan of hers that sent her the picture of the happy birthday message written in weed, another picture with a rolled-up ganja stick read to be smoked, next to her business class ticket, supposedly in her hotel room as left more to the imaginations than answers. 

The uproar has even now gone further, because unconfirmed report from Saturday Punch alleges that, the spokes man for the National Body helping to control the sales, distribution and even intake of hard-drugs, the NDLEA in the person of a Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, is said to have spoken about the matter, saying it would be investigated. According to the report, Mr. Ofoyeju stated as follows- The law is clear on the issue. No one is permitted to sell, use, cultivate or encourage the use of Indian Hemp in Nigeria. The weed is one of the banned narcotics in the country. Then went on to quote ''NDLEA Act Section 14b. For the alleged offense, our beloved Tonto risks 15 years in the slammer.  Saturday Punch of June 29, 2013 on Page 8- Titled: Hemp Photos: Tonto Dikeh risks 15-year jail term.

Though investigation is said not to have started, but they are saying it would. If that be the case, then another musician Brymo might also have to face the music, because a picture of him allegedly smoking weed too, was supposedly posted on Instagram. Said picture was alleged to have caused a rift between him & his 'former' record label Chocolate City.

So what happens from here? We do not yet know, but our ears are on the ground to bring to you readers all the updates. 

Although another alert has been going about debunking the NDLEA upcoming investigation- It reads good morning all. Please ignore stories about the NDLEA is after Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh. This new broadcast was sent by Seun Oloketuyi. It went on further to say ''I spoke with the NDLEA Spokesman, who denied such plans and says that is not in the scope of the agency work. The BC went on further to state- And I also spoke to Tonto Dikeh, who says as at 11am, no one has reached her on such issue. If I may ask those using Instagram? How many pictures that you use  that belong to you, most are taken from somewhere else. Let's focus on better things as I am we do have bigger issues. 

Signed by Seun Oloketuyi, CEO of Best Of Nollywood. 

So who do we believe? Saturday Punch or Seun Oloketuyi of BON?


Anonymous said...

Who says she's a role model?

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

Seun s English na die