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Saturday, June 15, 2013



Can it be true? If it is then, it's just a little snag for the father of the newly married Faizer Omokore. The speculation is that, it is because of the lavishness of the daughter's wedding that the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Petroleum Resources has been removed and is ready to be redeployed. Sequel to the removal from his post, a director in the ministry has been directed to take over as acting PS immediately.


Though according to our understanding, the wedding of the decade in Dubai between Ambassador Abdulkadri's daughter's Faizer & Otunba Omokore's son Oluwatosin was majorly sponsored by the billionaire father of the groom, many including the FG are of the opinion that there's no way, that the father of the bride wouldn't have contributed immensely towards his daughter unbelievably outlandish & luxurious wedding in Dubai. The idea is that, how could a serving civil servant host such a lavish wedding in Dubai, the UAE? Where did the funds come from? People asking that question, conveniently forget the fact that the bride's father-in-law is a billionaire many times over. 

For those who don't know what we are talking about, it is the wedding of the decade between Faizer & Oluwatosin, that shook Dubai who are already used to seeing money bags and big spenders to it's foundation. The multimillion dollars event took place at the prestigious 5-star wonder hotel JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, one of the best hotels in the whole of Dubai. It also has the distinction of having the biggest event space for wedding in the tourist capital of the UAE. Many guests were lodged at the JW Marriott and many others at ''The Address'', another 5-star wonder hotel in Dubai.

Pre-wedding party was at the incredibly posh Cavalli Club Dubai the night prior to the wedding and it was on a lock-down, only the wedding train were allowed in. Everything taken, drinks, cigars etc were on the house. It was at the Cavalli Club, that Naeto C serenaded the couple. The cost of some of the drinks consumed are too good to be true. 

Wedding proper, had many guests in attendance who all went home with fantastic gifts at least a BlackBerry Q10 phone which in Nigeria goes for about #107,000 , also given out were Samsung Galaxy Tabs- which also goes for between #75,000 and #95,000, there was still the B&O Speakers, the Arabian tea sets & the luxury towels. So each guest must have gone home with gifts worth not less than $1000 Dollars. It was at the wedding proper that rave of the moment, Wizkid performed to everyone's delight. BasketMouth was the host and Deejay Jimmy Jatt was on the wheel of steel, while the entire Eboni Band & Godbless were flown in to come perform. Not forgetting that Nuthing but Strings, who were 3rd runners-up at America's Got Talent also performed. 

Private jets were flying like they were kites and commercial flights were over booked from the Wednesday prior to the wedding at least the business class section.


Anonymous said...

Oya comments begin to roll in....

Anonymous said...

Double standards,

Anonymous said...

Wetin concern me if dem reomove the guy or not,
Atleast I got a Q10 plus other gifts
As for Networking, dat one na another story.
Storming Nija soone to finish up wat started up at the wedding. Lol

rasheed said...

Responding to the last person,so u just do not see the morals behind this whole issue,all that concerns you is getting a Q10 phone & ur so called networking.Pity pity...what is this our generation turning into?every one only thinks of their immediate gains...shame

Anonymous said...

Why do we Nigerians always overdo things,is it a complex issue of wanting to belong?wE should curb some of these excessive irresponsible behaviours being expressed by some Nigerians,we should think of adding tangible and lasting values to lives & the society at large,we owe the future generation a duty to show the right values,so they can have right values.Imagine an adult talking about getting a phone & other so called things & networking...it is really really a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Wat nonsense morals!
They didn't think of morals when they came to Dubai to spend millions of dollars?
If they had kept Nija up and running, would I be living in Dubai in the first place.
Sorry to burst ur bubble, I was a few thousands of dollars richer courtesy of this wedding.
Continue wasting ur resources on another country while the arabs laugh at all of u.
For ur Info, just 5% of Dubai' GDP comes from oil!! Abi no be the same oil una get?
Dubai gets thousands of billions on Tourism, Trade, Hospitality etc
Make una yeye una country, wetin concern agbero with overload.
By the way, Akwa Ibom state politicians na pay-magas, am not gonna mentions names!

Anonymous said...

Marriage that won't last,its a pity all emphasis are laid on a wedding and not marriage. Is dis a marriage or biz transaction btw two families. Its no coincidence d grooms father,a xtian is under investigatn by EFCC for illegal oil blocks allocated by Diezani,den his son is marryn daughter of perm sec ministry of petroleum,a moslem. I will give d marriage minimum of 5yrs,money can't buy happiness,we'r r d marriages of d so called Aisha Babangida and co. Plus d son is an irresponsible drop-out who cldnt finish a university degree,dey shld ask alumni of wat uni he his,but den he doesn't hav a gud example to follow wit d father marryn likes of Angela Ebagbue. Such frevioursity,wen all u shld be doing is praying d son suceeds in d so called marriage if not in life.

Anonymous said...

I weep for this country,things are so hard for people out there. The only people not feeln it are d so called government officials or dos dat simply lick dere arses inorder to get oil block or get contracts. People hav a rite to spend as dey wish. But this is a marriage,not a show of who can outshine who for most xpensive weddn.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting.......But Thank God Nigeria is atlst taking a stand. Omokore is currently under investigation by EFFC for illegal oil block allocation. Yet he still has confidence to be displayn such unecessary show of wealth. Along wit in-law dat is perm-sec ministry of petroleum,does anyone see a chain here?

Anonymous said...

My bf umana too

JESUS pikin 247 said...

God Almighty we need your intervention in our dear Naija,the poor are getting poorer,the rich are getting richer,LoRD remove every goliath of naija,its time to move to our promise land o,every pharaoh must be distroyed,if you are above 25yrs old,no job for u,u need to reduce ur age,infact that's d in thing,if u happen to graduate at 30yrs,count urself a jobless man already yet we have all d natural resources for Naija,Lord pls unseat those greedy leaders for us ooooowe are tired

Anonymous said...

Our God will arise and judge the like of Jide Omokore & Angela Ebagua that are so greedy that are going to any lenght to steal from the poor suffering people in this country.Amen

Anonymous said...

This Dubai girl with the name that starts from U and surname that ends in O.
respect yourself!
You never old?
Ashewo things!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmn starts with U and ends in O *pondering* hahahaha I gorrit *lipsealed*

Anonymous said...

Pls spill the beans o,i beg make u educate us further about this babe naaaaa,the U that ends the O....hahaha

Anonymous said...

Silly Idiot
FYI, am not even Nigerian but I co-habit with your fellow country and I sure know what goes down.
Dnt go calling any innocent girl's names cos I can assure you that no one gate-crashed this wedding!

Anonymous said...

Trust Nigerians always spiteful in their comments and full of bad belle!Jide Omokore has money to lavish for his son's wedding-so what is his crime there? I am sure most of those commenting, if they were the ones involved, they won't utter a word! Anyone not happy should go hug transformer

Tonye Harry said...

Responding to the last comment,it's a pity that u are still one of those Nigerians that don't want the good of this country,i think u just do not understand the moral behind this kind of unneceessary and irresponsible display of STOLEN wealth,i am sure u are one of the shameless hangers-on to Jide Omokore,what is the bad belle about people saying the truth,he put himself stupidly on the firing line when he should be hiding knowing that he is under investigation for wrongful allocation of oil well that belongs to u and i insteadd of rubbing it in our faces.
I am sure people like u ar just contented with crumbs falling from other people's tables,what a pity.so my dear,it is not bad belle so just get it right in ur head.

Anonymous said...

How many people commenting are in any of the following categories:
*were invited to the wedding
*know the couple well
*know who REALLY paid for the wedding
*have proof of this 'stolen' money.

Assumption is the mother of ALL fuck ups.

Tonye, how is it irresponsible if they can actually afford it? We have all heard of stories of families selling houses and remortgaging properties for a wedding. The parents of the groom from what wikipaedia says CAN afford the wedding. They wont be spending their honeymoon soaking garri. Im not a 'hanger on'(more appropriate term would be leech), or a 'wrongful' allocator of oil (you might want to research how an oil block can be 'wrongfully allocated' by a public minister to a well known business man before singing the corruption song).

I do not know the source of the money which was used to fund the wedding but I am not pointing fingers or making somewhat reasonable nonetheless baseless accusations.

Oh, and the crumbs you are referring to, they were toasted in truffle oil and topped with caviar.

When you have kids, you'll want to give them any and everything. Im guessing thats essentially what was attempted in Dubai by the parents.

Y'all should sip slowly on that Haterade and calm you nerves. Big ass f*** off weddings are the norm in Naij lets not get it twisted. If any of us got invited for that wedding im sure we would have a very different response on this thread.

And as for personal attacks on the groom abi the brides academics; what has that got to do with the price of fish? I know graduates that cant read a newspaper! I wont start reeling off names of successful individuals without degrees - what is essentially a piece of paper.

And are you really going to dictate how your parents should spend their money?

May the haters all be able to afford to throw weddings like this for their kids- next time though lets take it to Monaco!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Tonye and her anon cyber adversary..keep it coming y'all I'm enjoying the debate/argument