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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ex-beauty queen, she was Miss Nigeria UK 2009/2010 a few years back, and sometime model, Dabota Lawson has been off the radar for a few months now. At one point there had been the uproar about her indulgence in plastic surgery and that had gotten loads on tongue wagging.  Her sudden absence in the past few weeks from the social scene, where she used to appear a lot has further heightened everyone's curiosity . 

But from the little snippets we have been able to pull together from here and there, there's the speculation that she might have gone off the scene due to ill-health, some have speculated that it's a combination of malaria and typhoid that has greatly affected her, making her look gaunt. 

Naysayers have instead gone to town to say, her ill-health has nothing to do with malaria/typhoid but that it's from complications arising from her supposed plastic surgery gone awry. So who do we believe?
Another group says that her new frail look, is because Dabota has deliberately decided to throw-off excess weight. Which is the reason for her new look. 

We very recently, came across a new picture of the supposedly frail-looking & gaunt lady and thought to show to you all. While asking the question, So Dabota what's up? What's the true situation of things? Where and why are you hiding?

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Anonymous said...

Kai see clean bleaching. Showing off the liposuctioned tummy. Complications? She must have used quacks.