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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Ghanaian Star actress is reportedly feeling bad right now, her major reason being that she was 'somehow' used and dumped by the new music sensation in Nigeria Iyanya Mbuk. The thespian is reportedly very sad & bitter about how the rave of the moment treated her, leaving her high & dry, when she was just coming to terms with her love for him. To her apparently they were in a relationship, while to him it was another conquest, just a fling. 

Her various utterance about how things went down between them, points to her state of mind at present. All good, at least a woman is expected to feel cheated and thus react the way she has. Especially pouring out her 'maltreated heart' to the public. That takes a bit of gut.

But the sad expect of the whole situation is when a guy, a supposed 'happening dude' would resort to replying and doing so in a disparaging way. To us that's like going the route of a d!"$% head like Ray J who not sure of himself as a man, had to go record a stupid single mouthing ' I hit, I hit, I hit it first in reference to having bedded Kim K before Kanye West. If you did? So what? So what should the guy who officially opened the space when Kim K was age 14 years old do now? It's obvious that Ray J is somehow intimidated by the personae or status of Kanye West, so he needed to give himself some major boost to feel good. Especially if your career is dead and the other dude's own is just getting better and better.

Same thing with Iyanya, as a guy, nothing would have diminished Iyanya's status in anyway, if for the sake of maturity he had just kept mum about the whole issue. Mouthing off like he has done, doesn't make it at all in our opinion. Everyone already seem to believe he 'Chop & cleaned' the mouth, which has already added to his 'so called rep' why rob more salt into an already festered injury like an uncaring brat again?

Yvonne also, how you take enter obvious one chance like this still baffles one. We can't blame you sha!!! The swags might have been absolutely over-powering.

Just as our own cup of tea!!!


Anonymous said...

That really was way below the belt... I feel like raining curses on him but i just realized it is not his fault,he is a product of a broken home and also mentally imbalance...

Anonymous said...

Iyanya's brain is just as undergrown as his height.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this. Its alright for her to get her one minute fame about how iyanya used and dumped her thereby making him out to be a terrible person when we don't even know what actually happened but its disgusting for him to make just one sentence? Double standards. And it doesn't take women any courage to talk about failed relationships. They always mouth off, always. You probably need an extra cup.

Eguakun Osasu Jennifer said...

He is mentally inbalance! I don't blame him she reduced heself. Who is iyanyan? E farmer body n local thing.

dj cueba said...

Can't really tell wats up though, but let this not be one of those publicity stunt oh. On the other hand, am not really close pals with the kukere master in real life though, but am a fan of his and I ve followed his rise from project fame till now.
Take me for example, I haven't gotten laid in months now, no gals asking or caring about me. But I put it to u that the moment I hit the lime light, every gal I eventually screw would start to form relationship. Is that fair? There's a philosophy of mine that states.....
.....Any product of lost would eventually get lust.,and that includes gold diggas, fair weather friends & wat ve u? Etc
So please if u know yvonne nelson pls tell her dat am a fan of hers from nigeria and I don't just want only her waist;... I want errrrrr Tng.... And see if she will give a flying shit about moi. So don't judge wat u were not part from the on set like u where there when they were eating out, clubing, ssscccccrrrrrrrreeeewwwwing their brains out and wat else? Nnncheeeewww. Bloody Gossips!!!

holahwumie emmanuel said...

Well N̶̲̅ø̲̣̣̥ jugde wetin U̶̲̥̅̊ knw they there when e happen! Sort urself dude

Anonymous said...

Hmmm lemme start ds way YN didn't knw ha stand wt iyanya...y date a knwn guy nd kip it unsa wraps...anytin done in secret remains a secret..u guyz shud ve bin seen 2geda severally if he ws tkn u seriously..y hide wt him nd nw complain lter...I blame YN cos she shud ve knw he ws jus diggn ha waist nd nuttn more nxt time gal knw where u stand in a guy's life-badoo-