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Monday, June 3, 2013



That he is a Nigerian billionaire is not in doubt, Dubai the tourist capital of the UAE is getting ready to feel the might of the one and only Otunba Jide Omokore, a top PDP Stalwart and money man. We hear that preparation for the wedding of the first son of the boss of SPOG Petrochemicals is in top gear and as we speak, the town is agog. Even the young man's step-mom- Angela Ebagua is going to storm Dubai with many of her celeb friends in tow.

Many who don't have private jets are either already booked or are booking their flights for Wednesday, June 5,Thursday, June 6 & Friday, Friday, June 7, 2013 so as to be a part of the fanfare. It is the mother of all weddings set to take place in Dubai, and it is slated for Saturday, June 8, 2013. Hear this and hear it well, over a hundred room(180 plus) has already been booked and paid for in CASH ( over a Million dollars in cash was paid as deposit) at the prestigious JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Dubai 121000 UAE alone.  We don't know if other hotels would have enjoyed the same largesse. JW has 684 rooms & 120 suites on 72 floors.

The hotel which was opened not too long ago from what we have heard is where the wedding /reception etc would take place. It has the largest meeting room in the whole of Dubai. One of the ballroom measuring 14,477 Sq ft and has a maximum capacity of 1,548. So apart from a few, who would be staying at other accommodations, some of the guests and family members etc are all booked to stay at the hotel. It is a one-stop package for everything. We hear a Nigerian event planner got the deal and the company would be working hand-in-hand with the exceptionally trained wedding planners from the JW Marriott. 


Let's give you a little picture of the wedding facilities available at the venue- It is one of the finest luxury hotels for weddings. They have on-site certified wedding event planners who can conjure any magic you want to happen. For weddings alone, not adding other meeting rooms, they have  total of 8,000 Square meters of indoor & outdoor event space. The wedding hall is composed of 2 ballrooms- Dubai & Emirates ballrooms. Apart from this 2 massive spaces, they also have 24 individual rooms for wedding receptions. So you can see that space for a proper reception of any type or kind is no problem. 

The Aso-ebi that was given out for FREE to all the guests is valued at a $1000 plus dollars each, in Naira that's in excess of #160,000 for each person. People are already saying this would be the biggest wedding in Dubai by a non-indigene in a long time to come. Even the hotel has never seen cash like that before since they opened for business.

So if you are in Dubai this weekend, come let's watch the spectacle together. For all you know, Michael Jackson might just come alive to perform as a treat for all. Lest we forget it is planned as a small, intimate & quiet affair. Hush! hush!!!


Anonymous said...

Nah wa o. Abeg Angie should go and take a back sit. It is not her day, but the grooms mothers. She should sit in second row, if sit still remain. Second wives and their children belong there. Sounds exciting!!! Cant wait

TheShoeClub said...

Wow! Sounds like it ll def b d bomb! But we all shd bear in mind dat after all said n done, the marriage is more important than d wedding!
Ladies....and the gentlemen r not left out too, TheShoeClub's yummy deal of the day is in for just N12,000!!! Unbelievable! Go check it out now! www.dshoeclub.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

How pathetic! Do Nigerians realise that Dubai was a back water,akin to a shanty town about 20/30 years ago.the Arabs have developed their country,but instead of Nigerians doing the same.No! we continue to spend money in other countries.Can you imagine spending all that money in Nigeria.the shot it would give to the hospitality sector.Only silly Nigerians take pride in such display of wealth.
Anyway, it's the man's wealth and he can spend it anyhow he pleases.

Anonymous said...

Chai..i weep sometimes for this country if the ruler of dubai sheikh maktoum was as reckless and heartless like our leaders and followers will there have been a dubai to go to? we should continue enriching and developing their great country with our lavish weddings and parties there instead of repenting and changing this country for good

Flow said...

Yea right, even your so called big hotels that you do big parties of this magnitude, end up fucking up! e.g. Eko Hotel. Very horrible food, exorbitant cheap drinks, bad service etc. I am very much for doing things here, but our attitude just has to change! I am spending my money, and i deserve good service. Its all about US as a people. We have failed as a country and our country has failed us too. We need to go back to the drawing board. its always cheaper doing these parties outside and guaranteed security too. Dont have to worry about my guests safety

Flow said...

Besides you guys complaining would do worst if you had the kind of money the man has. All our leaders were not born with silver spoon, yet they are the biggest fuck ups! We are the biggest hypocrites

Anonymous said...

The man is an oil fraudster,who is currently being investigated by EFCC,you are all free to check this. While the groom is an irresponsible drop out who didn't even complete his degree in university in UK,upon all the father's money.

Ren said...

Who made him an oil fraudster? Your government. So shut up. If his son is a drop out, how is that any of your business..........next

@Flow, i tire for this country o

Anonymous said...

@flow...I was at a few weddings/parties thrown by Mike Adenuga and Subomi Balogun. They were of very high standards.Once you know what you want,then you plan for it and you make sure the planners give you what you demand,But then this Omokore is a major bush league person,he probably thinks throwing a party in Dubai is the height of being classy.
To think of it,how many of our old monied classes have parties outside Nigeria.Can't think of one.Only the nouveau riches!

Anonymous said...

Lmao @ dropout upon all the fathers money *smh* Money miss Road pikin tueh


Anonymous said...

Let's wait and see if President Jonathan or Diezani would show up at the wedding. The man is reportedly Jonathans business front man that is now being investigated along with Kola Aluko for illegal oil blocks courtesy of Diezani. Amongst all other illegal oil deals,if they show up then this country has lost all moral decorence. The bride is apparently daughter of perm-sec ministry of petroleum. So we see how beneficial d marriage is to both partys. Instead of we Nigerians to concentrate on a marriage,we concentrate on wedding. The marriage will certainly not last as the bride probably is not aware she has been dashed out to a drop out who is a managed alcholic,that the father just put in one silly ministry of agriculture n smthn in Abuja,to cover his shame when he can't get job elsewhere because of unseriousness and no degree.

Anonymous said...

Lol oya yvonne nwosu join the runs...lol day there dey feel fine on instagram cheap pomo

Anonymous said...

Lol pls give us yvnoone's gissttt,

Anonymous said...

Anon June 3, 2013 at 8:37 PM; TOS Benson's son got married in London, the late Bimbo Ojora and Lanre Babalola got married in London, Makeshe Ibru got married in Paris, Kuku and Fowler (their grandparents aren't nouveau riche) in Dubai, Mrs Taiwo's son got married in Monaco many years ago (Mrs Taiwo is nee Shonibare and and her husband's dad is Professor Taiwo,) Cecil Hammond in Seychelles and Nath Okechukwu's son got married in London (Okechukwu is an Igbo heavyweight but quiet. His wife is nee Edozien.) These are the ones that readily come to mind. They are called destination weddings and I won't use classy to describe such weddings. To me they are mainly done for crowd control.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are not a rejected girlfriend. See how you just finished the boy @ anon June 3, 2013 at 11:09 PM. The marriage will not last? Who made you God to decide death on someone's marriage?
Decorence? You invented that word I guess.

Anonymous said...

The bride isn't just the daughter of the Perm Sect min of petroleum she's also a muslim (money good oh), according to them muslims, a muslim girl is forbidden to marry a Christian man. its only the muslim men who marry christian women with the intention to convert them.

As for the groom maybe he can make a good husband - marriage and school na 2 different tinz.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Lol pls give us yvnoone's gissttt,
June 3, 2013 at 11:58 PM

lol her gist is long....by now she should be swimming in money and not following small boys....moral of it-runs doesn't pay no amount of money can justify the toto worth-it is gold so treat it like gold

Anonymous said...

Your toto is gold doesn't mean others totos are gold. In fact they are not like gold, more like sand the way they give it to the highest bidder.

NONHATER said...

how come no one has decoded assistantmadam on twitter?!

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.43am, you must be a big time stalker!! Jeez. You mean you know all these info? Went to at least four of these weddings and i cant even remember them anymore. You sound like Luca on Ladun's blog?

Anonymous said...

Liar liar! Went to at least four of these weddings indeed. Famzer oshi.

Anonymous said...

Please I've read anon8:43's response like 3x, I can't find anywhere they claimed to have gone for these weddings.

Now, assistant madam? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

@anon 8:59. My dear, whats there to lie about? Trust me, they were very very happy i graced their wedding. Famz for what? Please........... YOU, definitely have a complex.

Anonymous said...

I weep weep weep for Nigeria and her selfish leaders, i mean what is wrong with us?

I remember years ago when one gold seller inside gold souk was giving me the history of life how Dubai came to borrow money from Nigeria when they were trying to stabilise the desert they now call a country and am sure this guy is not even a real Emirate bred but all those Palestinians or so but he heard d story.

after many years that our leaders cannot even construct lagos -ibadan road for us, how much will it cost to give us 24hrs electricity, how much will it cost to give us good hospitals to cater for all the ailments r dying like chickens for nowadays? they r stealing us blind and lavishing all these monies in this same Dubai

why have we become so wicked and mean to one another? why do we hate ourselves so much that some people think if you get sick u can die once my family & I can dust our passports and seek medical help outside all is well

why? why? do we feel that whether our country is good or not once my family is ok I dont really care

This is opulence for crying out loud, destination wedding, $1000 aso ebi for free @ whose expense? you cannot work and sweat for money and waste it like this now.

I remember in those days whenever Abiola's children are getting married, we all sit glued to our TV to watch wedding of the century and this guy was @ least of the riches men in Nigeria then, he has never thrown a party for a poor man to watch and go and commit suicide cause of its opulence or show of wealth

please all u millionaires remember that the people u neglect to train, feed, help, clothe and so on will attack all these children you are spending lavishly on in future

when the poor have nothing to eat anymore they feast on the rich

I'm sorry I will not celebrate mediocrity or mediocre, if they like let them buy the whole of dubai, ur visas r just for 14days, if u like spend all the money in Nigeria's reserves, u are still a visitor, when ur visa expire u r kicked out.

Id Dubai people did not set up their country, will you go there and be throwing parties? stupid trend that they are all imbibing, people suffering from poverty of the mind mscheeeew



Anonymous said...

hybunny I can feel your frustration but what is going on in Nigeria only God can step in, it's beyond human comprehension i tell you.
these days the evil that men do in Nigeria surprises the devil himself
lets keep watching as God is still on the throne.

KKK said...

Summarize the Yvonne gist biko. For Jide O what he uses his money for whether ill gotten or not is his own headache

Anonymous said...

Hmmmn! May God help us.

Anonymous said...

real opulence, like someone said May God help us

Anonymous said...

I hear they shipped so many girls to dubai, not for the actual event but for other duties, them Freda, toyin, Ann & co. Even married babes. See girls hustling to get hanger on pass.
Yvonne did not manage to get one.
What is new about Yvonnes nwosu's gist that has not already been said.
haba, i think its her encounter with Ariye that has not been documented online. That is for another day. Scandal!

Anonymous said...

Lol...I hear say na 10k naira,Ayiri give am.

Anonymous said...

The Ayiri and Yvonne jist is everywhere. Who is Ann?

Anonymous said...

haha, so the gist is out. She had to beg for the 10k sef. She chased the man die, the man gave in but by that time Yvonne had taken it too far by getting to the wife. Ariye invited her to delta, na so story enter payment. And that is after the babe open leg for not just Ariye, but his boys as well.
10k naira in hand, back to lagos. she was lucky she got that.

Anonymous said...

So she's a prostitute, a low class prostitute for that matter. Yet she said she doesn't have time for Lagos. Kpom.