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Sunday, September 29, 2013


It's not a new thing, it's system that's been used for quite a while now, always repackaged to fit the times and greedy men, who seemingly have no discipline whatsoever & are always falling for it. Remember Mama Dolphin on Kosofe.

What are we on about? It none other than what many have termed ''Racket''. How does this work? Not in any special way, once the 'greedy married man' (There so many of the men, who loves to eat their cake and have it) falls for the shenanigans of the 'single lady' and they start their relationship, the idea is to make sure that the man does his ''deeds' without due 'protection'- RACKET. Once that mistake is made the man most often is in soup from then on. 

It's the case of blackmail from then on, the richer or more well to do the man is, the higher the stake. Great amount of money, cars & properties are some of the prices that would paid for the fun indiscretions. 

How does this go? After a while, the lady comes in to say she has taken in and is on the 9 months course, the fun loving man not wanting any complications pleads that he wants nothing to do with the baby, the smart girl knowing her hook has sunk in, turns the screw using subtle blackmail, if subtlety doesn't work easily, then the threats of exposure especially to the wife & public (social media) works in most cases. 

The greedy, fun-loving man has to part with something(s) major, what that would be is dependent on what the lady want and it's never something little.


Crystal said...

Good for the men, that serves them right.

Me again said...

Abiola, I'm surprised at you, is it today this one started? The thing is that most men of means will actually demand to know for a fact that the babe is indeed pregnant, so just saying "I'm pregnant" isn't enough, you must pee on a stick too.

Anonymous said...

This is the oldest trick Aloba. Its been happening and it would continue to happen.

R said...

What is the best way to get money from a randy married man without sleeping with him? They are on my case and I need money. Don't insult me o insult the randy husbands!

Anonymous said...

Nah today? Those women are pathetic and the foolish men. The children usually lack confidence, because they can only peep at the real owners. What kind of hopeless life is that? Money dey, you go begin beg man to be play father at least?.......Abeg, dat one no gel at all

halima said...

Hahahaaa story!