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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Anambra State, also known as ''the Light of the Nation'' where Governor Peter Obi reigns supreme as we speak as the action Governor, is gradually getting ready for what some have tagged- a battle royale. 

Now that Governor Peter Obi has successfully done 2 terms, meaning he cannot run again, the coast is now open for such heavyweight combatants the likes of the following-

Billionaire Senator and man of great influence- who tasted what it was like to be a Governor sometime back for just a few days, in the person of beleaguered Senator Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba, 54, but better known as Andy Uba who is currently the Senator representing Anambra South Federal constituency.  For now the powerful & highly connected Senator, is battling to be chosen as the candidate of his party the PDP. There had been a parallel congress at the PDP primary a while back, which had produced 2 candidiates from the party. While the PDP machinery supports the other candidiate, in the person of Comrade Tony Nwoye. INEC on the other hand seems to support the PDP faction that produced Andy Uba. 


So would Andy Uba be able to fulfill his ambition as a PDP Candidate? Or would he be leaving again to another party, to vie for the election into the office of the Governorship of Abia State? In days to come we would soon have our answers. One thing we can confidently say for all to hear is that, he is a formidable opponent for all comers.

Another Billionaire & a great friend of the people, vying for the same office is the one and only Oil & Gas magnate, Ifeanyi Ubah, 41, who owns Capital Oil & Gas Ltd. The controversial business man who is battling all sorts (AMCON, EFCC etc) on many fronts is seen as an opponent to fear. As at the last check, what we heard is that the very liquid man's prized jewel, Capital Oil & Gas has been taken over by AMCON (The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria). Whether this would affect his chances is yet to be seen. One thing we can tell everyone for free is that, he has been traversing all the nooks & crannies of his beloved state, explaining his plans to his people & dolling out colossal amount of money & gifts of all kinds to those that counts. Not just that his adverts is always on TV & Radio every day espousing his virtues and telling all and sundry his plans for the transformation of Anambra. He is running under the flag of the Labour Party. Would he succeed? We are waiting & watching.

Also on the list is another very experienced & worthy combatant, in the person of former Governor and now a Senator, in the person of Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige. What is majorly going for the well loved Doctor, is his seeming very good past records. According to those who should know, they said he worked very hard while he was in charge of the State a few years back. He is said to have give a good account of himself in his first missionary journey. And that is really counting well for him now. 

Though he might not be as colossally rich as his 2 other opponents, he has the formidable support of his party, the new mega party- APC behind his ambition. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a chieftain of his party & others would want to do anything to gain a foothold properly in the East. So money wouldn't be any problem whatsoever. 

Also on the list is the candidate or should we say the ruling Governor's preferred candidate to continue his meritorious works. And that person is none other than Chief Willie O. Obiano. Chief Willie is not as known as the other 3, but that doesn't take anything away from him. He is the flagbearer of the ruling party, which is the APGA. He was formerly an Executive Director at Fidelity Bank Plc, where the current Governor had substantial holdings at a time and was even Chairman. 

He, Chief Willie Obiano, is a well learned man & has done meritoriously well in his career in private services. We believe, he is as financially capable as the other combatants also, especially with the backing of the incumbent. But it's not just a smooth sweet sailing for Chief Willie Obiano in the APGA like it should be. A faction of the party has brought forth another candidate of their own in the person of Industrialist Dr. Chike Obidigbo JP. An Enugu based Industrialist & Philanthropist. The very well-heeled gentleman, is the Chairman of Hardis & Dromedas Ltd

Some other names that have cropped up, but not as prominently as these 4 are the likes of Charles Soludo, a former CBN Governor and formerly a member of PDP before cross carpeting to APGA, where he might have failed in his ambition again to contest the Gubernatorial election. 



Fan said...

GEJ made sure Soludo's candidacy didn't see the light of day.

Andy Uba won't win if GEJ has his way.

Andy Uba will win if OBJ has his way.

I think it will be between APGA and APC. Obi will want to install a puppet/his man and will use the power of incumbency. Step in Obiano.

If APC can win in Anambra you can imagine the bragging rights someone like Tinubu will have. On a genuine vote to vote and head to head, I think Ngige can win.

Some Anambrarians are saying they want a new guard person like Obiano. Let's see how it all pans out.

Ifeanyi Ubah? Please, please, please.

The permutations are just so many and it will be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I weep cos Soludo would have been the suitable one.