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Monday, September 30, 2013



Joy immeasurable mixed with gladness of heart has been the lot of Dr. Peter Obafemi and his family,  since about 2 days now, reason or reasons we are pretty sure you want to know?

The People's Democratic Party Gubernatorial Aspirant in Ekiti State, who at a time was the promoter of the now comatose Rite Time/World Airways that had the very lucrative Lagos-Atlanta flight deal some years back was blessed with the greatest gift from God about 48 hours ago.

His gorgeous young wife, who he had married rather quietly a while ago, just gave birth to a ''Bouncing Baby Boy''. Hip Hip Hooray!!! According to the feelers we have gotten, Lolade Iruka, the gorgeous wife whose dad is Ibo & mom Yoruba, gave birth to the bundle of joy early Sunday morning. Sunday, September 29, 2013 to be more precise, at the Faith City Hospital, Oju Olobun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

From the feelers that we have gotten naysayers are of the opinion that this might be Otunba (Dr) Peter Obafemi, first child and a baby boy at that, though we do not readily agree to that assertion anyway. This is the socialite's second missionary journey into matrimony. He had gotten divorced from his first wife, Maureen a US based lady some years ago when the center couldn't hold together again, after several love trials, the young & deliciously gorgeous Lolade came into his life and like a bolt outta the blues, she was the one that apparently got his heart beating faster than normal and made him believe in love all over again. 

After the apparent disappointment of the past, cupid apparently shot his searing arrows of love again into Dr. Obafemi's heart when he laid eyes on Lolade and love enveloped the duo and they got married. Now after many months, Lolade to the glory of God has dropped a bouncing baby boy,  there first together. 

Since child birth is a thing of joy and that should be well celebrated, especially by a very liquid Dr. Peter Obafemi, we do not know why they (the duo) are keeping the joyful noise on the down low, but in our own way, knowing fully well that a goldfish has no hiding place, we have thought to help them celebrate very openly the blessings of God. As at last night we know for sure madam was still at the 5-Star hospital. New baby & the elated mom are said to be in perfect health.

Congratulations to the Obafemi's.


Anonymous said...

First son bawo. Prisca has a son for him years back. This man should take several seats. He can't even manage his home and company, na state he wan rule. This crooks always go to PDP. Thieves.

Unknown said...

This man also have two sons in london. 23 and 17 years old. .
Previously had children with his American based ex wife.

Anonymous said...

Which kind first child? This crook has at least 6 other kids before this new arrival. And if you care to deeper, may be another lady besides this one too just delivered a baby for him. A very useless man to the core. So sorry for that young pretty girl cum wife number whatever!

Anonymous said...

This man has 2 adult sons in the U.S. whom he has no relationship with. He also has another baby, maybe 3 years old. The big news is that he is still married to his American wife, legally. He doesn't deserve to represent the people when he is not a good Father representation to his own children, first!