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Friday, September 13, 2013


Come tomorrow, Saturday, September 14, 2013 in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, the city would be agog, as all roads would be leading to the venue of choice to be at, which is. The This Day Dome, Abuja for the wedding between the handsome Inspector General of the Nigerian Police, IG Mohammed Abubakar, 53 and his jewel of inestimable value, the very gorgeous Zahra Bunu-Sheriff Musa, who is the 35 year old daughter of the former Nigerian Ambassador to France and a former Minister holding different portfolios at different times in the Federal Executive Council in Nigeria. Her name Zahra in Arabic means Brilliant or Bright.

Though security would be very very tight, as it is the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police himself getting wedded, we expect that Abuja's finest & the creme de la creme of the Nigerian society would show face to celebrate with the gentleman & his wife at the Nikah ceremony. We hear Zahra is a very close friend of Alhaji Aliko Dangote's daughter Halima.

Obviously because of the caliber of the person involved in the wedding and to avoid any sort of  hanky-panky, expect that at least a kilometer or even a mile radius around the venue of the event would be cordoned off and security would be top notch. It is a strictly by invitation event, so if you don't have any business in that area, you had better not show face or be seen in the vicinity. We expect the all mighty and no nonsense mobile police force men in their full riot regalia to be present.

After the solemnization (in this case the Nikah and the Fatiha) and some form of merriment at the ThisDay Dome, the newly wedded couple from our little findings would later host some friends and family members to an exclusive thank you dinner at the International Conference Center, Abuja in the evening of that same day. From what we have heard, it's another not all comers event. The day's MC is none other than the always dapper Julius 'the genius' Agwu. 

Alhaji Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar, our highly cerebral IG is embracing matrimony a second time around, after the terrible hand of death, had taken his beloved first wife away sometime in 2012 after a gallant battle with cancer. So after a period of mourning and being lonely for several months, it seems that by providence, Allah seems to have provided for him succor in the hands of the beautiful Zahra, who is an executive at a private oil and gas firm-Afren. The story of how they met and how love blossomed and has now led to marriage is a post for another day. Now the hardworking man has found a shoulder to lean on and someone to whisper sweet nothings to once again.

From us at Maestro's Media, we wish the Police top boss very well in his new journey & adventure, while also saying congratulations to the new Mrs Zahra Mohammed-Abubakar.


Aproko said...

I remember her coming to my Abuja office to sell undies. She's quite talkative anyways.
HML to them!

XYZ said...

Well darling Aproko, levels don change. You would be begging her to save your sorry ass out of shit now.Thank me later dear.

Fan said...

She was probably being friendly so she could sell her market. Fine couple.

Anonymous said...

i will be there

Egoigwe said...

I just saw this, albeit years later. She came to your Abuja office to sell what? Talkative??In your dreams!

You should be ashamed of yourself, you swamp creature. Do you think she crawled out of the same hole as yourself. Of all the Bunu Sheriffs that l know, l doubt that any would visit the same local a slimy frog such as yourself, crawled out from.

Your bad belly never begin. May undies from scabies ravaged talkatives forever be your portion.