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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We are totally loving the fact that some people are not seating on their high horses expecting miracles to happen or that others should do something. One of those who has thought to put his money where his mouth is, is none other than the very rich businessman from the illustrious Prest family from Warri,  Delta state in the person of Chief Anthony Tosan Prest. 

When people like him, who have the resources, wherewithal & connection (money wise & with great influence) would decide to stand for the welfare of his people, then we welcome such development with open hands and joy in our heart. We are loving the current campaign by Chief Tony Prest to recruit able volunteers towards his ambition to help change the fortune of his beloved people of Delta State. 

He has pitched his tent with the ruling party in the state which is the PDP and if all works out we might just be referring to the astute entrepreneur after the next election as His Excellency, Governor Anthony Tosan Prest. 

Chief Tony Prest is related to the former Miss Nigeria 1979, in the person of Helen Prest Ajayi, who is his niece, while his nephew is Mr. Michael Prest, a very very rich, oil tycoon director of Petrodel Group who not too long ago lost a landmark divorce case instituted against him by his ex-wife, where he had to pay the lady a whopping £17.5 million Pounds in settlement.

We totally love the thrust of Chief Tony Prest entry into politics-Time to end corruption in Delta State............

Check out tonyprestpdpdeltavolunteers4completebreakfromdcorruptpast.com for more info!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Huh? End which corruption. Who? T fire? Lool

Anonymous said...

he's young and rich
lets see what he has to offer, Nig politicians should realise politics has gone beyond what I can steal from d people but what I can offer my people
if he's rich and can give back some of his wealth to the society that placed that duty on his laps, then the blessings from people and God abounds, guys should emulate the likes of Bill Gates


Bucky said...

He's cuuute!

Anonymous said...

tufia..prest ke?? lol..na one chance be dat

Anonymous said...

Mcheeeeeeeew! Joker!

backson inc said...

he is a crook, his wealth was obtained from failed contracts. He embezzled billions from the ibori administration. I know of this personally, M am kinsmen with close friends of his. hmmmm nah wah, not one to knock anybody's hustle, but come one, why the continious deciept. own.ur shit these people continue to commit economic and social pogroms to our people. we have suffered and continue to suffer

Anonymous said...

Looting continua. Mtseeeew

Anonymous said...

Really!!! Checkout the length of his website link... tonyprestpdpdeltavolunteers4completebreakfromdcorruptpast.com. If that doesn't tell you the guy is a illiterate idiot I don't know what will. His whole campaign is a scam!

Anonymous said...

You guys must watch this guy so well. I percieve another scam in the pipeline. Get lost before we catch you.