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Saturday, March 3, 2012



We found out not too long ago, that the best stores in most parts of the world have as some of their best customers the Nigerian super rich. When it comes to representing on the style or fashion stake, and if the person is black and African, it’s most likely he or she is a Nigerian. It doesn't matter if the one wearing it or the one carrying one of those fashionable items sometimes looks like masquerades. We have seen a so called top Nigerian fashionista, who should be in the know, by virtue of her constant trips outside the shores of the country look very silly wearing the best of brands (travelling we thought is supposed to broaden ones horizon and adds to ones knowledge, at least that’s what we think). Or how else can one describe wearing a design by world famous- Chanel Brand that came out on the catwalks for their Autumn/Winter collection in our kind of weather (Temperate) or how else can one describe wearing a logo emblazoned outfit from the head to the shoes, Gucci cap with logos all over it, on a top with logos all over, over a pant that has all the logo so fully advertised and even the shoes! Crazy to say the least! Many have come to wrongly identify style, with having crazy amount of money. And we can say it to all whether they agree or not, that it’s not the case all of the time, money and plenty of it only helps to enhance what one already has, if you don't have it -Style, you cannot buy it. Chikena! Yes we know you can now ‘buy’ a stylist, but can you also buy the confidence and elegance to carry it.
Why the ranting? It’s because we have the hunch, that somehow, somewhere we might soon see the 1.2 Million Pounds rated bag on the arm of one top Nigerian lady pretty soon. We can remember a former 1st lady of a state, that is neither Yoruba nor in the North giving her then young daughter a brand new Birkin Bag as present, depending on size and type of leather can start from 10,000 Pounds.

The waiting list for this legendary bag has the who is who from all over the world, in Nigeria now, it is gradually becoming pure water, We don't know if any of you readers have noticed the number of fakes that are in town now- the Louboutins, the Marco Lorenzis, the Zanottis etc has flooded the market from China and there are ready buyers, even many who can afford the real ones are major culprits. We know particular stores on the mainland and the islands who stock these things in large quantities and are openly selling unabashedly.
So what's so special about this particular one to command such a staggering cost, the new wonder bags come in 4 designs, with each going for 1.2 Million Pounds, they are crafted from GOLD and studded with unbelievable numbers of precious stones, they are significantly smaller than the regular Birkin Bags, they are made to be worn as a BRACELET, AND CANNOT EVEN HOLD A PAIR OF SUNGLASSES. It took 2 years to be made; each of the new designs would only be produced 3 times, meaning you can be one of the Lucky 12 in the entire universe to own one. The Rose Gold version of the Kelly Bag has 1,160 diamonds (one thousand, one hundred and sixty diamonds!).

It's not even a bag to carry things in, but a piece of jewelry in the form of the famous bag.

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