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Thursday, March 15, 2012


These are just little gist that does not particularly have any bearings on the AMFW 2012, but since they are happenstances around the venue of the event we can as well tagged them (gists) around the weeklong show.

This particular one is hilarious, 2 sworn enemies in the same room, throughout the duration of the event. They both were just 10 to 20 meters away from each other in a very charged atmosphere, how they were both able to hold their emotions in check without going for each other’s jugular is still baffling, but it must have been stressful for both of them, pretending and masking their hatred or dislike for each other.

 We caught our very married and handsome Dr. Fred of the famous family from a state in the middle-belt, up and about with very roving eyes, he seems to be a favourite of many ladies-young and old, of particular interest to us, was the exchange between him and a young, petite model, who carries a bald cut, meeting on the red-carpet, the following ensued between the two, youuuuuu!!! and he answered, if I smack youuuuuu!!!, apparently they had agreed on a rendezvous or something and the model didn't keep to appointment, so they had to exchange numbers all over again, while setting up another appointment, the way our married lothario conducted this very brief exchange, if one was not around you won't have had an inkling anything went on. From what we know, Dr. Fred's wife is a beauty anyday, that any man would wish to have as a wife, but from what we have reliably found out, his skirt-chasing is of legendary status, and he always makes sure to be at any event or occasions where the daughters of eve would be available en masse, and we hear he always get his way, he is handsome, suave, he also has the cash to fund his lust.

Whose Black Bentley was that, that quietly came to the venue of the weeklong event and after the show (late evening) whisked away some of the so called 'international supermodels' to a dinner outside the hotel, we saw ex-miss Tanzania Millen, Aminat ANTM Cycle 12 and another model enter the wonder on wheels with registration LSR 83@#$....

 We could not believe the numbers of young, handsome and highly fashionable guys we saw throughout the week, who seem to have totally embraced their feminine sides, the weeklong event was like a coming out ceremony for many, some were even seen openly holding hands and displaying affections, and you can easily spot some of them, as they go about in groups and twos. And we couldn't believe some of the names of those we hear are fully into the thing. The winner of @#$ who has a live-in-lover, who is a top model. Other male models who@#$$@.

We over heard top model and one of the most experienced at this year's AMFW, who is also an ex-miss Tanzania- Millen Magesa telling someone how she loves Nigeria, she loves coming to Nigeria and that the country is like her 2nd home.

Even Sigail Curne, the very gorgeous Jamaican top model, who has been modeling now professionally for 5 years and lives in New York, signed on to MC2 in NY, had this to say- 3rd time in Nigeria and I am very happy to have been here, very loved by Nigerians, it’s like a 2nd home. Sigail has done YSL amongst several other major shows.

Hear what the best female model of the fashion week in the person of GEORGIE Badiel had to say- I love Nigeria! I love Arise and I am in Love with AFRICA! Georgie is from Burkina Faso and she lives in New York.

JOHN Kaveke- Big up ARISE! It doesn’t get better than this.

Gloria Wavamunno- ARISE FASHION WEEK. HERE WE GO!!!!

LOZA Maleombho- Fashion ROCKS! Arise fashion week 2012.

Like a forest where many defenseless antelopes and gazelles are moving around in great numbers, we saw many ravenous Lions and Tigers prowling around at the venue of this year's AMFW2012 , looking for young, nubile and seemingly defenseless antelopes and gazelles to pounce upon, and many were lucky.

Many of those who came, felt that the numbers of designers that participated were too much, there were 77 in all, and many thought some shouldn't have been allowed near the catwalk, not to talk of showcasing.

What's this gist about some of the female models been so into themselves (dykes), some birds even whispered in our ears, that some of the models might have gone higher even sniffing dusts, can that be true. The one's mentioned did not do the show eventually, though we some them backstage at a point.

We know for a fact that one of the major reasons for Fashion weeks is to bring designers and buyers together, while also bringing unprecedented exposure the way of the brands. Where were the buyers for this fashion week?


Anonymous said...

Aloba i like your blog and i can tell you ha when it comes o blog you are in a class of yur own.Just want o know is millen a model or a high class...............you know what.CHECK around is arise new york or no show in new york.I am yet o see a single show that millene did anywhere outside africa,And it is only in naija that hey form super model.

Anonymous said...

1. are the two sworn enemies in the same room, elohor and chalya?

2. the black RR....hmnnnn na the great Esama come the show? And Aminat got in the ride? Hmnnn...interesting. I would not have pegged her for that.

3. There is a thriving scene of homosexuality in the Nigerian fashion scene... that is all that will be divulged for now

Anonymous said...

True about Millen. Never heard of her until i started seeing her in Nigerian fashion shows. She has potentials so i wonder why she's not a hit in the West.

Mama Borngirl said...

Millen is using modelling to cover up her real deals here.

Very soon Elel and Chacha will beat themselves up.

Dr Fred handsome? Abiola you need glasses.

Anonymous said...

Milen is a hoe,model my foot...aminat should be careful because she was also seen with different guys.....another rising hoe is eku-girl stop been cheap

Anonymous said...

Eku? Oh no please!

Anonymous said...

Let the gist flow pls.....was eku lusting after nduka??? hehehe.....nawa for lagos