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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Which of the 2 brands can truly lay claim to owning the rights to the 'G' would soon be determined by the law court. The battle to claim the 'G' between Gucci and Guess is now the subject of a lawsuit, filed by Gucci. The top Italian brand, which is one of the top brands owned by PPR, a holding company owned by French Billionaire- Francois-Henri Pinault, who is the husband of top actress- Salma Hayek, has claimed in their lawsuit, that Guess is deliberately engaging in a massive and complicated move, to knock off Gucci's best known and Iconic designs.

The claim, which Gucci filed in a suit since 2009 at a New York Federal court, claims that the Los Angeles based fashion brand (Guess) infringed on its trademarks by imitating 4 specific Gucci signatures, ‘which are’ - The brand name delicate script font, the green & red stripe, the square 'G' & the interlocking 'G' pattern.

According to Gucci, the rival brand- Guess has profited to the tune of $221 Million dollars worth of goods sold featuring these trademarks infringement.

But according to Guess, the LA based fashion brand has never tried to be like Gucci, Guess even went on to claim that of the 1,495 Guess products accused by Gucci of trademark infringements, 99% of them could not be confused with Gucci.

This would not be the 1st case of trademark infringements between rival brands, 2 cases that readily comes to mind, was that between Polo Ralph Lauren and US Polo Association, over the right to use horseman logo and that between Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent over the use of the red sole on shoes by the latter.


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