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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Their unnecessary shenanigan had lasted all of 72 days, before the duo realised they weren't meant for each other and decided to go their different ways. Now we hear as part of the divorce settlement, the former husband, who seem not to have liked how he has been portrayed by the Kardashian clan, has demanded a whopping $7Million crisp dollars, to have his mouth zipped.

If the amount is not agreed on, then he could spill the beans and most probably get paid for it.

By the calculation-$7Million for 72 days means that, Kim Kardashian would pay Kris Humphries $92,222.22 per day or better still $4,050.92 per hour for all the good times. If it's that easy to make money in the US, then we don't mind taking on Kim for 200 days, it's not just going to be the money at the end of the day, but so much more. We leave that to your dirty minds, to think about. Wink! Wink!!!!



Anonymous said...

Keep quiet for what? She kill person? I hate blackmail!!!

Mama Borngirl said...

It's not blackmail, Kim used him for her fake wedding to make money!

Fan said...

Well her butt implants, she's crap in bed, she's jealous of Khloe etc etc. We know that so what else is he going to say? Serves her right.

Anonymous said...

Jelouse of khloe ke? Dont tink so ooo. R butts r real oo,didnt u watch d episode where she ad a butt scan? R getting married is just a sign dat she's so desperate to settle dwn n desperation often leads to u getting d wrong guy.

Fan said...

You mean "her" and not "r.
Jealous not jelouse.

They doctored that episode of the x-ray. Besides, the Brazilians take fat from other parts of their bodies and inject it in their butts. It melts and spreads nicely. Was wondering why a lot of Brazilian women have butts, i was let in on the secret in Sao Paulo. So obvious she's competing with Khloe; sports stars (Reggie, Kris and the others,) black men, wedding, feeling like being a wife and i'm sure broody. Even Kourtney said it and Kim freaked out. Khloe is so herself and real. Kim isn't so she's always trying to be someone else.