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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We seem to have finally woken up from our slumber in Nigeria. It's like we are now ready to tell any country who for any reason whatsoever wants to just muscle us about that- enough is enough. Many tried in the past to deride us, and it was like our government was too lily-livered to respond in kind or was even only just trying to play the big-brother card. But since yesterday, it seems the government of the country has finally woken up and made up its mind not to take the nonsense again.

The SA immigrations officials thought it was too much of a big deal to them and decided to send home Nigerians (over a hundred plus on an Arik Air flight) for not having the yellow fever card, which is more like the major visa even more so than the real visa on the passport before one can enter the land of Mandela, did those on the flight have the required visas to enter South Africa-Yes!!!!!! And it’s a resounding one at that, because right from Nigeria, it would have been impossible to get on the flight without the necessary documents, the scrutiny from the airport- either by the SA Embassy officials and our own security officials here in Lagos, is like second to none. So why send them all back? When it would have been easier to either give the passengers the yellow cards at the airport, like they used to for a higher cost than, they could have gotten it here? To us that is a deterrent enough.

In response to the shenanigans of the South African Immigration services, Nigeria also responded by deporting a certain number of South Africans too, which is like saying- ''U do me, I DO you, God no go vex'' tit for tat . We think and this is our personal thought, If the Government of South Africa refuses to back down and accord us the necessary respect as a brother nation, one that was at the fore-front of the fight that ended apartheid in the same South Africa, then Nigeria too should come up, with either a very necessary Blue or Red or Purple card, which must be compulsory to check for HIV status of every South African coming to Nigeria. Since South Africa has the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in the world, or if that might be too much, the card would be for either Coughing or something else. Enough is enough!!! CHIKENA!

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