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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The countdown has already begun, by this weekend, this year's Big Brother Amplified would throw 2 lucky housemates out as the winners of $400,000 cool dollars, those 2 would be the last men or women or man & woman standing, this 2 would be the ones that Africa must have agreed were the 2 that deserved the ultimate prize. Its been many weeks of tactical maneuverings from all the housemates, doing their possible best to outsmart or outwit each other, many doing their best to be loved by Africa so as not to be thrown out, its been many weeks of intrigues,fights,tears,fun,sadness and whichever emotions by which you want to describe it. But 2 things stand out, the 2 Nigerian housemates have a very bright chance of both carting home the prize, 1-Vina has been adjudged by many as the most intelligent or one of the most intelligent in the house and by the stroke of luck many times, survived the many intrigues that the other housemates brought her way, she was one of the most nominated in the house, throughout the full duration of the show, but just like the corner stone rejected, that later came to be the chief cornerstone, she was the first assured of a final spot, even having to save one of the favourites-Karen. Karen the other Nigerian Housemate, had from the time they entered into the house, had been the court jester and in your face person, the first thing she did was to undermine her fellow country mate, insinuating that she was fake, majorly because of her accent and other sundry things she didn't like about Vina, but it was still this same Vina that saved her from being nominated at the last eviction show before the finals. Karen enjoyed a lot of popularity, majorly because most viewers thought she was the live-wire of this particular BBA Edition, why this is so might be because of her gargantuan edifice which she flaunted for all to see and also because she was adjudged to be the nos 1 Fun element in the house, so if she had left the house, there was the major possibility of the house losing colour,drama, and becoming very boring.

Now with only a week more or better still 5 days more and only 7 housemates-HANNI-ETHIOPIA,VINA-NIGERIA,LUCLAY-SOUTH AFRICA,KAREN-NIGERIA,LOMWE-MALAWI,SHARON O-UGANDA & WENDALL-ZIMBABWE left, who is or who are going to win the ultimate prize-$200,000 or $400,000?. Some have suggested that its the duo of Vina & Karen that would carry the day, how that is possible we do not know yet, the possibility of Africa allowing Nigeria to slam-dunk her again, we do not know, it would be 3 in a row for the country and if that happens, I can bet some rules would be changed for subsequent editions. Others have suggested Luclay & Karen, that's a possibility, reason is because, at least Nigeria & another country, this time the host nation would be winners, and both housemates seem to be the most popular anyway. But their is an outside chance of 2 entirely former unnoticed carting away the prize, either Sharon O & Wendall!!! or even Hanni & Lomwe.  What we at MM can predict for sure is this, at least one of the Nigerian housemates has won part of the prize & most likely a straight battle between Luclay,Wendall & Hanni is on for the other half. Africa who are your winners?.

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karen all d way