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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Some sure are very lucky or would one say very blessed or how else would one describe this situation, the man involved is a diplomat in other words an ambassador, representing the country not too far away, he was very involved in the politics of the state better known as ''the state of aquatic splendor'', he was a grass root leader, one of the representatives of the government at the state level, before cross carpeting after a fall out with his godfather of then, to compensate him, he was made an ambassador, he is very married and a cool dude, and his kids are very cool and also very well known, one even is following in his father's footsteps already. According to his religious persuasion he is allowed to marry more than one wife.

The lady involved is in her 20's, very light in complexion, about 5'9'' or 5'10'', and is still a Law Undergraduate of a University in Lagos, she's been involved with the ambassador for a while now, and she's been enjoying the best of both worlds,especially as the very generous Ambassador not too long ago gave her a supposed brand,spanking new Red Toyota Camry Saloon car, to say thank you for her love for him.


Anonymous said...

ill take 'Ambassador Obanikoro' for 100 ... lol

Anonymous said...

lmao @ anon July 22, 2011 2:19 AM

he is cheap sha..his mates are buying range rover sports for their which ones be camry?

Tart! said...

Lol...small small na....
Maybe she ain't performing duties well enough to deserve a range rover.

Ambassador Obanikoro, bets are all in here

BAVA said...

I'll bet with everything that its musiliu Obanikoro. He tried o! How many of these married senators are willing to buy their mistress (student for that matter)a bicycle not to talk of a car? yes they can give cash and all but car gifts, na only if d guy like u wella o.