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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The whole world seems to be in turmoil, everything seems to be going tupsy-turvy, there is palpable fear all around, cases of depression all around us, people are taking their own lives, some people deliberately go out of their ways to cut short other people's lives-What is going on in the world???.

Even the so called very advanced societies are grappling with very terrible debt situations, America the supposed Nos 1 world power is at a cross road, the UK is battling its own problems also, for many its not the best of times to be in charge. I still do not understand why a human being would decide of their own to snuff life out of themselves, maybe I do not understand because I have never been there before, It might also be because of my religious background, that has put the fear in me that to commit suicide is eternal damnation, I do not understand at all whats going on, looking at the case of the banker who recently committed suicide,I heard she had been depressed for a while, and I asked what must have triggered it in the first place, many had said it was because she was jilted by her supposed boyfriend, but I personally believe, it must have been much more than that, I heard yesterday, though unconfirmed, that she recently returned from a trip abroad where she had gone for an operation and her womb was removed and her supposed boyfriend who was supposed to be her support dumped her, could this have been the trigger for the suicide???.

How can a human being wake up in the morning and then use the name of a great and good God, to go about on a killing spree, for whatsoever reason(s), it can never ever be justified, what gives another human being the right to kill another???, a man in Oslo,Norway has caused worldwide pain & anguish by killing scores of innocent souls, he was said to have taken some drugs to steel himself, for the pain he was going to cause. what is taking over the people???, has the end of the world come?.

A well known politician was said to have left a meeting, then not too far from his office he insisted on using the toilet near the lagoon front, his next course of action still baffles everyone till tomorrow, he then removed some items of clothing and plunged into the open water, every opportunity to rescue him was spurned and a few days later his dead body was found, how can one put all this series of actions together.

Alexander McQueen, the very celebrated designer at just 40, and in a season where everything he touched seemed to turn to gold, took his own life just last year.He was said to have hanged himself after taking a cocktail of cocaine,sleeping pills and tranquilisers. And inquest said he had battled depression, pressures of work and the loss of his mom. What is going on???.

Amy Winehouse at just 27 was one extraordinary talent, who allowed her excesses to consume her, cutting short her very promising life & career at its prime, and causing untold pain,tears & sorrow for many, over-dosing on an excess of drugs, one only hopes this would have taught a lot in the same situation loads of lessons. What is going on???.

All over the news, the most you hear are all negative stories/news, 2 trains in China colliding and killing many, maiming many others, plane crash in Morocco killing 78 & injuring others and so many other terrible newsreel. What is going on ?

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elenu razor! said...

aiye ma to pare
the world will soon end
get ready to be raptured!!!!!!