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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Its only 3 days now to the show tagged Music Meets Runway that was supposed to have been headlined by the very controversial Amber Rose, but thanks to the very bootylicious lady's attraction for controversies & scandals, she wouldn't be a part of the show again, even if she were to come for free.

Nigerians on Monday July 4,2011 had awoken to a twitted message posted by Amber Rose, alleging that she's had no contact with anyone from Nigeria for a show, and therefore, she was not coming here- excerpt of the twitter message-
'' DarealAmberRose: Hey my Nigerian Rosebuds I am NOT booked for anything in Nigeria at all if I'm not booked thru info@behindhershades.com then its not real. She later on also sent another twit- DaRealAmberRose: I wld LOVE to come to Nigeria if u guys really want me there pls book me thru info@behindhershades.com''.
  The underlying insinuation here is that, she was not paid , so she can not come here, but that not what the organisers are saying, in their response via a press release, they said- ''Early this morning, one of the major headliners of the highly anticipated show, Music Meets Runway, Amber Rose tweeted that she will not be coming to Nigeria to host Music Meets Runway 2011.

Due to recent developments of Amber Roses nude photos that surfaced on the Internet last week, we were in discussion as to what to do about the situation with some of our sponsors who had understandably shown some concern (brand affiliation).

We were still working to accommodate Amber when we read Amber Roses tweet about her not being booked to host Music Meets Runway.

Amber has indeed been booked and paid for through a reputable international booking agent and we were shocked as anyone to see the tweet.

This situation is under investigation and details will be passed as more information comes.

The show, Music Meets Runway WILL STILL HOLD comes Saturday, July 9 at Expo Center, Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos.

Music Meets Runway is an event poised & designed to create awareness for the laudable and fledgling growth the Nigerian fashion industry which has been placed on the international map in recent times.

The event won’t be all about fashion as 10 musical artistes will also grace the runway, dishing out hits after hits.

It will be a great networking opportunity for fashion industry, professionals including educators, retail buyers, fashion journalists, trendsetters and consumers.

We want to assure the public that we are bringing you a great show with some of the most amazing Nigerian Artists and Designers and that this event will be nothing short of a phenomenal experience.''

A press conference will be scheduled shortly and information will be sent to all media houses.

From the above, its obvious someone was trying to be funny with the truth, we at MM are of the belief that, with the exposure of those terribly graphic pictures, which we are in possession of, it would have been impossible for any brand worth its salt to still want to be a part of any show that has the controversial celebrity on it, which was why brands like MTN and Samsung had wanted to pull out, now that Amber Rose is no more coming, we as a people must come together to support a platform that would celebrate our designers and Musicians. So come July,9,2011 the venue should be filled to capacity. The show must go on!!!. For more info go to -  www.musicmeetsrunway.com


Anonymous said...

She has nothing to gain from lying about being booked, all this talk abt her naked pics being the reason they don't want her anymore is just crap! Didn't they know she was a stripper with her only claim to fame being dating rappers! Why didn't they issue a press statement as soon as the pics came out? Why did they have to wait for Amber Rose to react first? Abegi! They never booked the babe abeg! If they could still get her b4 she denounced them they would have still wanted her to come, we r not kids in naija abeg, alone we know they've paid u for PR and damage control but it's not working! The only reason most pple wanted to go was to scope Amber, now that she's not coming, is it to go and watch all these half baked designers and music stars that we see in every Lagos show? nah!

Anonymous said...

@aloba we know they've paid u for PR and damage control

Anonymous said...

9ija and fraud... please don't try to cover that shit up with some amber's nudity "na today yansh don dey for back". Just tell your pple to stop cutting corners. learn to do things the right way ok ... i'm sure you'll all die to see her shake that booty on stage..

and @ Aloba ...how much is your cut?