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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


After spending about 3 years in the French jail for the rape,torture and enslavement of a 13 year old young girl under his care-adopted daughter, former Nigerian International footballer-Godwin Okpara is set to be released. In the aftermath, of his case where he was found guilty, he was sentenced to 10years in Jail, but after only 3 years in the French Prison he is set to be released next month for good behaviour, but the snag is that on been released he would be deported to Nigeria immediately.

Godwin's wife Linda who was also jailed with him for mistreating the same 13 year old old girl, for 15 years, was not that lucky. Godwin was said to have attempted suicide twice in prison, but for the vigilance of the prison officials, while all he owned in France has been confiscated by the French authorities, his children also are living with different families in France now, while a 17 year old son of his is said to be dying of cancer, and has very little chance of recovery. The ex-footballer is said to have become born again while in Prison. One hopes, he would have the strength to get back up, after all the tragedies.

Godwin-Born on September 20,1972 was a former International, who was part of the team to the FIFA 1998 WORLD CUP & also the 2000 Summer Olympics. He was part of the team to the 1989 FIFA under-17 World cup tournament, he has played in Belgium & France for top teams in the countries league, he had a very promising future ahead of him, before misfortune came knocking. He is said to have been jailed, because he was not well represented at his case in court.

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