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Friday, July 15, 2011


The former headquarters of Fototek at Opebi,Ikeja in Lagos located at Adebola House and owned by Multi-millionaire Alhaji Suleiman Adebola Adegunwa has been shut down, before people's imagination begin to go haywire, its not because of any terrible reason, its only for strategic business reasoning, from unconfirmed report, the Fototek place used to house one of the best photo studios-(Es-say studios)- in any part of the country, from what we heard, the equipments at the studio alone would set up, many first class stand alone studios and not only that, the Es-say Lab is said to have been unrivalled in the country at the height of its reign,in terms of equipments & personnel. But since, Chief Adegunwa's other investment- a food processing company, that packages sausage rolls has grown in leaps & bounds, and was making unprecedented profits, it was better to fully focus on that, and the need to shutdown the photo business aspect, Chief Adegunwa's investment are said to be many, he is a director at Sterling Bank and also is a director of many other blue chip companies.

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