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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Much uproar come to fore after the part 1 of this report was written, where we were seeking clarifications about the whereabouts of the very happening dude-Known by many as Ahmed 11:45, there had been a report that he had been arrested in far away Atlanta,Georgia for theft/shoplifting, though we had seen the so called mugshot on a particular website, we had thought to crawl very carefully, while conducting our investigations as to the veracity of the story, knowing fully well some very despicable souls might have been up to no good, we did our best to contact the gentleman mentioned- in the person of Ahmed,through a number of his that ends with.......1145, but to no avail, we asked around, and many vouched that they had seen Ahmed in Lagos, at different places, about 3 to 4 days after his alleged arrest, so we had to be careful.

According to a source, we spoke to last night, there is another dimension to the whole story, and that particular dimension is the side of the man involved in the situation itself. There was no denial about the arrest whatsoever, but the case was not supposedly as viewed by everyone, according to our source, Ahmed & a very good friend of his, who is said to be a confirmed multi-millionaire had entered a store to shop, and had been shopping the storm, the store attendants on sighting a ''black'' dude and a white guy doing so much shopping, had called in the police to check them out, the police on coming in, had asked for both Ahmed & John his Friend to identify themselves, but the 2 supposedly had no identity card, so they were arrested and taken away, which supposedly was the reason for the mugshot, but after a call or 2, they were said to have been left off the hook immediately without paying any bond, which was why though people felt he was still supposedly in custody in Atlanta,Georgia,U.S.A, he had already flown back to Lagos,Nigeria. Case closed, don't you think?.

Not on your money, we hear both Ahmed & John are suing the store-which is said to have about a 120 branches across America for false accusation & the attendant terrible embarrassment caused to them, this is what our source explained to us, but, we are yet to personally get across to Ahmed to hear from the horses mouth, though many have confirmed for a fact that he is the country, and has been seen at many top spots in Lagos, minding his own business. As soon as there is any update or new development as par the whole truth of the situation,we will get it across immediately


Anonymous said...

Yea rite!
Since when do you get arrested for shopping with your friend? Don't matter how many trolleys you have, the police is not called to "arrest" even if your credit card declines at the till.
You also do not get arrested and booked for shoplifting because you were shopping too much.
What nonsense story!

JSB said...

Lets always try to get our facts right when we here a story or rumour. If you do proper research through the Fulton County sheriff's website ( you will find that he was released without bond. The american police will never release you without bond or bail if they believe you truly committed the crimes in question. I hope the store gets sued for all they are worth. They totally stereotyped, seeing ever unkempt looking ahmed and his equally unkempt french friend.

Common peeps, lets stop judging and get our facts straight. Thank God for America and its freedom of information, we can easily verify the truth. They were both arrested on the 16th and released the same day without bond.

Because someone generally looks like a criminal doesn't make him

Anonymous said...

@JEB..... not true
One can be guilty of the crime and be released without posting a bond..... if the crime is considered petty. I am an American born citizen.
However, this story doesn't add up. A department store in America of this type would have surveillance video and a loss prevention team on site. It would be pretty dumb for a store employee or manager to call the police without firm evidence. What doesn't make since is Ahmed shoplifting in the first place. But! Shall I refer our attention to the famous Winona Ryder who was busted multiple times for shoplifting?? No one can say either way...