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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


NAIJAYARD.COM, an Online Shopping Catalogue where products are displayed, giving people the opportunity to view items, contact sellers and decide how goods and money will be exchanged, has been launched.
The portal, which is launched as a platform to network buyers and sellers, is like a Shopping Mall where various sellers across the world come under one roof.
Whatever you sell from fashion to jewellery, gadgets, artworks, furniture, books… there is a place for you.

You actually get a “Yard” (Webpage) for Free, with your own URL;, and also have the opportunity to share it on various social networking sites.
Naijayard has three unique rating buttons; WOW!, COOL and OK, which gives buyers the privilege to Rate a Yard they visit. The Yards with the most WOW!s always show on the “Wow Rated” Section of the homepage.

Buyers can also bookmark their favourite yards.

 How to Use as a Seller:

·         Register.

·         Upload your products.(Your profile is not visible to the public till you upload pictures)

·         Start selling.

·         Also Share your products/Yard on facebook and other social networking sites, by clicking the share bar at the bottom of the page WHEN IN YOUR YARD.

·         Get your customers or friends to “WOW!” your yard. Having the highest number of “WOW!”s keeps you on the homepage!

·         Check your mails regularly for requests from buyers, especially your junk/spam mails if using Yahoo.

 It’s all about business networking!

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