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Monday, December 17, 2012


Sometimes you come across some people who makes you do the double take. They are like Siamese twins, who do things alike. They don't necessarily have to know each other, but they have the uncanny ability just to dress alike or do other things in similar fashion.

We came across some and we want your opinion on who you all think got it right absolutely. First picture shows ace photographer, Mavin Records angel, Toni Tones wearing a very daring number from the collection by House of Nwocha's Ugonna Omeruo. You need to have what it takes and most especially the confidence to wear the daring cut. Wearing something similar to that, but shorter is Katie Melua, a Georgian born British singer , song-writer and musician. Imagine that we hear Toni Tones is also into music. We had to add the 3rd person, Miss Omotoke Makinwa, who wore an outfit also by House Of Nwocha.

The second set of pictures has 1st a Nigerian pop diva, G-lory and other other hand the world famous Nicki Minaj, in similar outfits and wearing similar looking hair-styles and caps.



Mama Borngirl said...

I go for Katie and Nicki!!!

Anonymous said...


Lolade said...

In as much as some pple love to hate Toke.. Toke wore it best!

Aduke said...

Katie Melua clearly! Gorgeous n classy!