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Sunday, December 9, 2012


There is no week or should we say day that passes by without, the Barbadian Culture ambassador in the news for what thing or the other. It's either there is a new speculation about her relationship with Chris Brown or something new about her tour or a new jam or just her having fun. 

The social media woke up to catch another fun aspect of the life of the superstar to date. This time around, Riri's picture was taken by her best friend Mellisa Forde, wearing just a bra and no panties on. 

Thank God, the vital parts were not exposed. It wasn't as if it was a leaked picture or pictures, the pictures were released by Riri's camp themselves. Also it's not strange that Rihanna was near full nudity, many all over the world have seen her in the buff many times already. She seems to enjoy showing off, her well toned body to everyone's delight.

The pictures are on instagram and twitter already. For the world's delight.


Anonymous said...

She's troubled.

Anonymous said...

young people always think they invented sex and sex appeal. cover urself child. there will soon be a newer fresher kid on the block with a better body than yours.