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Monday, December 17, 2012


Finally a response has come from the Enugu State Government officials that His Excellency the Governor is not dead, contrary to the rumours flying about. All through the weekend, there were reports going about that the handsome, 53 years old Governor might have passed on at an Indian hospital after being ill for several months. The rumours were somehow believable because the Governor himself had been absent for quite a while now from state affairs and has also being totally incommunicado. 

In order to put everyone's mind at rest, the state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Chuks Ugwuoke, finally came out to debunk the so called death hoax. Mr. Commissioner went on to say that the dear Governor was hale and hearty and would soon be returning to the state from his long vacation. The reports on his death was tagged unfounded and malicious. Meaning all was a figment of the imagination of some terrible people and most probably enemies of peace in the state. 

Curiously no mention was made on the particular whereabouts of the Governor,(whether he is in London/America etc), also no mention was made on his health condition, if he was ill as was first reported several weeks ago and has now recovered sufficiently well. All that was said was that he is doing well and set to return home soon from vacation.

We wish His Excellency well and we are hoping he would be arriving home very soon, after his accumulated vacation.
governor sullivan chime & his wife

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