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Saturday, December 1, 2012


When Kim Kardashian gets it right we do love her to bits, so much so that we think we understand why Kanye might be so smitten by love. 

The black outfit is a sleeveless Valentino jumpsuit, that she wore in Miami, Florida recently, while the white one was worn in Kuwait more recently and it caused a lot of sensation because of the cuts, especially as Kuwait is a very conservative Country. 
IN MIAMI.............

IN KUWAIT.............


Anonymous said...

This woman is very ignorant, how can you wear this to Kuwait? didn't you do your research?. You are lucky they didn't stone to death. Keep your exposure in the states.

Anonymous said...

They are not so radical in the Middle East except Saudi Arabia. Go there and see for yourself ignorant one. I love the shoes more. So used to seeing her in skin tight outfits that the jumpsuit looks ill fitted.