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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Just only this afternoon, there was the news everywhere that there had been an Helicopter crash, in Nember, Bayelsa State. On that flight were the Governor of Kaduna State, the former NSA, General Andrew Owoye Aziza,Rtd and 4 others. Report said the Helicopter had left Bayelsa enroute Port-Harcourt when the sad occurrence happened. The helicopter was said to have busted into flames immediately.  As at a few minutes ago, the rescue team sent after the crash had located the crashed helicopter and all 6 occupants found dead. Bodies have been deposited at the mortuary. While many were still grappling with this very sad news. 

There is the rumour also, that the health situation of the Governor of Enugu, His Excellency, Mr. Sullivan Chime, might have nose dived. The unconfirmed rumours even went ahead to say he might have passed on in India. Since, the Governor has been away from the public eye for a while now, due to what some have said was poor health, one cannot say for a fact, if the rumours are a total falsehood or that someone might be saying the truth. According to someone we got in contact with, the Governor is said to be hale and hearty in London. 

We are hoping that the 53 years old Governor one way or the other, would come out and show to the world, that the rumours are all lies and a figment of the imaginations of some terrible people. While waiting for that to be done. We commiserate with the families of all those who died as a result of the helicopter crash in Bayelsa today. May their souls RIP!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

they said he is dead. life goes on.

Anonymous said...

I pray to God to heal Gov Chime. He is really a nice man.

Okey from London