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Saturday, December 1, 2012


We got this and it got us thinking. So we thought everyone need to know, just in case ''you all play the away game thinking its safe and okay'. You need to have a re-think. We must be safety conscious, or else we would become an indirect source of anguish and pain for so many others.

Hear this- "FUNKE is newly married to d Love of her Life & expecting a baby with her husband DAPO, and so she's having unprotected sex because that's her man.

DAPO however has a woman on the side, SUSAN, and he is having unprotected sex with her because she's a decent lady, loves "skin on skin", besides that's the only person other than his wife, he's having sex with, so he tells himself he is safe because its only two women..and he trusts them.

Decent Susan has her man, IK who means the world to her and she having unprotected sex with him because that's the man she intends to marry. She tells herself she is safe because she only has two men, Dapo a married man and IK....

But IK has an outside woman named CHICHI a young "good" undergrad he's also considering to marry, and is having unprotected sex with her because to him Susan is faithful so he tells himself its only two women he is having sex with so it cant hurt him. CHICHI on the other hand has no personal man, just friends or lecturers who assist her "ministry" when she has urges and IK ain't around.

Do you see where this is going??? Everyone thinks that they are safe when in fact they are so unsafe & at risk.



Miss Pepeye said...

This is so true. The chain keeps expanding and you think you're safe, but for where?

Anonymous said...

Hope people are taking note.