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Thursday, May 9, 2013



 What should be a thing of joy is gradually turning out to become a major drama. And the actors in the drama titled ''You did it,.... I didn't.. Are none other than Paul Okoye of the famous P Square duo & a former beauty queen-El-Shamma Enadelo Igbanoi (Miss Plateau MBGN 2012), who is just 19. 

One thing we have heard over time is that, ''it is only the baby mama, that knows the true identity of her baby's daddy''. In this case, the 19 years old, is very sure and is claiming very strongly that her new born baby's dad is none other than- Mr Paul Okoye. Paul from what we are hearing, whose other baby mama also dropped a baby very recently which he accepted, in fact the 2 ladies dropped only a week apart, is denying the paternity of  ElShammah's new baby boy and in fact is said to have even denied ever knowing the baby mama.

Why this thing is turning into a drama of the absurd kind we cannot just understand. And it just brings one to the question, how come he forgot his condom(s)? Or was it a case of 'broken' condom? Tuface should have taught everyone a lesson or 2. Or was it that Paul was seriously dancing ''Alingo'' he didn't even know when he & El-Shammah jammed and made good music together.

Sometime in the euphoria of putting together a new hit jam, especially in the studio, where all the good elements all just come together, one can easily forget one's self and just travel to the 7th heaven and back without knowing. Or is this a case of mistaken identity by El-Shammah? Maybe the real baby daddy is a Paul Okoye lookalike?

With Elshammah insisting rather very strongly that Paul is the main man, is this April fool's joke like the P-Square camp termed it, just go away like that? Let's wait & see.


Mama Borngirl said...

As a mother with teenage daughters, am sensitive to stories of a man denying pregnancy/baby.
All I know is for a lady to say a man is responsible, the man must have been there.
Some ladies are so useless, several men get there in a week, so they just pick the best man as the one.
In this case, I strongly believe P is the one, but he did it while drunk.
This a warning to all other groupies...
Finally, let a DNA be carried out!

Things dey Happen!!!! said...

mbg u are more than correct. Na groupie shag don come cause gbege now be dis. The gal wan do star/celeb the thing come turn hand, now both no know wetin to do. Except the gal na known donator, na Paul get him boy. If not the young and very experienced gal don turn mama bornboy for the age of 19, dats if age na correct sha!!! The gal don collect star seed like she want, make she rest now na!!!Abi?

Aproko said...

No need to drag issues, let them do DNA. People should understand that there're 2 ways to become a celeb:scandal or success. Hers like most gals is scandalous. Either way, she's got the fame she wants.

Anonymous said...

d armpit in d 1st pix though