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Friday, May 17, 2013



We are loving the fact that many are now catching the bug for blogging. We think it's becoming a fad sort of now. Majorly because everyone seem to have a view about something. So it's their voice and their platform to sing, talk, chat etc. London based (he is a lot in Nigeria, nowadays) Nigerian designer Emmy Collins is the latest to embrace blogging. And in the last few weeks he has been shooting from his hips consistently with his Magnum 45 causing major mayhem. 

The very eccentric (original) designer has taken to blogging like fish to water and in the past few days has been raising dusts of excitements with his topics & write-ups, causing major reactions from his subject matter. His bullets have been flying left, right, center, straight, upwards & backwards. It seems like it can hit anybody, both friends & perceived foes alike causing unprecedented reactions. It's relief in a way, that at least an industry person in toto is coming out with his own view on things in his world and industry.

Emmy is coming out in his writings as being feisty & fearless and straight-forward. He seems to be on the mission to either expose the charlatans or unveil those who are the mainstays of the industry. From the little vibes that we have been getting, the fear of Emmy Collins now, is gradually becoming the beginning of wisdom. We are basically just loving the fact that the more the merrier, let more people come on board, to shake the chaff from the wheat. 

Check out emmy's write-up at . 

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Anonymous said...

U made me visit d blog, quite interesting
Will always stop by
EC s blunt sha!