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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Sure the Lord is smiling down gloriously on Omawumi Megbele.  It's like all the element have all arranged well at the same time for the sonorously blessed & gifted one. Just like the good book says ''When the Clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the Earth. This seem to be Omawumi's season of abundant rain. First it was Mortein, then the almighty Glo smiled on her as she was one of the lucky ones recently unveiled as the communication's giant ''brand ambassadors''. So no more forming for the older ambassadors as if they were better than the rest ooooo. Other certified millionaires have joined the ranks.

Then in the same week, another brand unveiled the gorgeous mother of one as the online company's brand ambassador also, their first ever at that. Sure now you must agree with us, it's definetely a good season. Brand ambassadorship is about collecting good money and that means a bulging bank account. So we can begin to see this ones as true ''STARS'' now. They now have the muscles (wink! wink!!) to back up the stardom.

That's not all, we hear that there is a magnificent edifice coming up gradually somewhere around the Lekki Phase 1 area. Though the news is a well-kept secret we eavesdropped and heard titbits about what's going on. If one has worked hard, they deserve the little fun things of life, that means they have earned their stripes. The gorgeous Omawumi deserves all she's getting right now and more still upcoming. Not too too long ago she was 2nd at the singing competition she entered for, not many would have dreamt then, that she would become a superstar like she is now. But see now, in just a short-while everything has arranged. 

 Congratulations dearie! We know good things come in torrents, so we are expecting more.

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