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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Boyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!Wizkid aka Star Boi has added another machine to his growing garage, the last time what was added was a BMW X6 SUV, now its another glorious machine, a blue, luxury sport sedan- Porsche Panamera S. And from the vibes we have gotten, it's a 2013 edition. The 4.8L V8 engine 7 Speed automatic manual car is a monster 4 door sedan. The car goes for about $91,350 base, which translate to about N14,341,950., with all the options Wizkid might have added to it, it could go for as much as N16 Million. In terms of direct competition to this car are the following- The 2013 BMW 7 series, the 2013 Jaguar XJ & the 2013 Mercedes Benz S class. This particular Porsche Panamera S does 0-60mph in 4.6 secs.

Who ever says music is not lucrative had better have a rethink mennnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats StarBoy!!!


Anonymous said...

If na female singer or actress now,dem go say na aristo

Anonymous said...

make i hear word abeg.
Which female artiste get half of the shows the lad has?
female singers with no record, 2 shows in a year driving 14 million naira cars and living it up. you try to tell me it is God's grace and hard work? No make me vex o!
The actresses are worse. the ones you see in movies all the time don't even show off like the ones who are never in movies but buying cars like toys.
At least look at Tiwa Savage, when did you hear anyone call her acquisitions rewards of aristo? We all see her on the grind.

Anonymous said...

Tiwa; very coded. But with TB she has stopped.

Me again said...

No wonder Segun Demuren and Banky wanted to kill their money maker when he grew wings. But Wizkid $100k + car when you still rent a home. Don't continue this stupidity sha, you won't be this hot forever

NO comment on the rest. Lol.$

Anonymous said...

Pls anon 9.25pm in as much as Wizzy makes money from music, the fact still remains that he services Ita Giwa and likes, after all his lekki house was a gift from the woman, he prefers them older sexually. You talk about female artistes and actresses bloody double standard mentality in Africa.

Anonymous said...

But how can Ita Giwa do this kid? This boy s young na
Cougar no be work o
From Dbanj to this one
Mama na yanma yanma o


Anonymous said...

anon 2:10am, na lie you lie and you know it. how this boy small dickgotake swim inside that big ocean?
besides Mma Bakassi does not have an endless pot of cash.