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Saturday, May 11, 2013


There's a scrambling presently on going for the invitation cards to the wedding of the first son of Bashorun Jide Omokhore, who is one of Nigeria's richest men. Bashorun Omokore is the Chairman/CEO of The Energy Resources Group, who are the owners of SPOG Petrochemicals Ltd, Fivatek Nigeria Ltd, Innovative Haulage Ltd, Expedia Marian and many other companies. The very liquid Jide Omokore, who is the godfather of Yagba politics in Kogi State, also holds substantial holdings at Atlantic Energy Drilling Concept  Limited, the company is presently facing a petition sent to EFCC to investigate a supposed shady deal involving her and the Minister for Petroleum, Diezani Allison-Madueke said to be worth about N58.9 Trillion. 

The EFCC troubles aside, the most IMPORTANT thing presently to the billionaire from our little investigation, is how he plans to throw one of the best & most exotic destination weddings possible for his first son, come the next few weeks in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The groom to be we hear is Bashorun Jide Omokore's first son from his estranged first wife and not from his current highly cerebral wife, Angela Ebagua who is a director at Access Bank Plc. Many are even suggesting that Angela might be taking over from Aigboje Aig-Imokhude as the MD of the bank, when he retires sometimes soon and possibly take over as the CBN Governor.

Away from Angela and back to the wedding that is set to shake the firmament of the social happenings of the emirate. We hear that all the stupendously rich friends of the groom's dad who all have private jets are ready to release their jets to ferry as many people to Dubai as possible. From the snippets we have gotten, only 1400 guests are expected to grace the invitation only event, which according to a source would make many weddings before it and after it look like a child's play.

As par the info on where the wedding itself would take place in Dubai & who the very lucky bride to be is, we are still digging. But we can tell you all for free that many private jets and chartered flights would be heading towards that part of the world in the next few weeks.


Bucky said...

Chai!I need to be there o. Lol

Mama Borngirl said...

It's amazing how this Dubai trend started off with madam TFC and now it's so in vogue.

Anyways, I still prefer a London/Paris weddings.

Happy mothers day to every mother out there!

Anonymous said...

Easier to get visas to Dubai than London/Paris I suppose.

Gossip Police said...

I lovey lovey Dubai, if I wasn't married before the trend would have opted for a Dubai wedding. I lovey it for being so so different from London/Paris/Milan and for the easier entry access.

Anonymous said...

its just accessibility
getting visas to paris,milan and co now no be beans


Anonymous said...

True HY Bunny.

Gbogbo Bigz Girlz said...

Am the only one who seem not to like Dubai but my hubby loves it cos he's a Muslim and he likes the Islamic atmosphere. Different strokes...
Hy bunny, the last time I went for to get visa to France, I paid a guy for queue space, early in the morning! Naija needs to get better.

Anonymous said...

GBG as a holiday spot it's okay. I've had enough of Dubai that Qatar next door is now an alternative. Even Abu Dhabi is fine. To marry no. Ideal destination wedding venue; Mexico, Bahamas, Malta, Cyprus even broke Greece. Yes, the issue is getting visas but it's not that bad.

nnena said...

Hey. Send me an email address let me email u a pic of d couple in the jide's private jet! And the wedding dates as well.

Quit said...

You sure he not marrying Porsha Williams!!!!!!