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Monday, May 13, 2013




Today I write with righteous anger. The yabis I received from my last article on Saka and Etisalat almost made my wife consider leaving me. As I no want be widower na, I decide to retire.
But like a bolt, the news emanating from ThisDay Newspapers, brought me out of my self imposed exile. I first got the news from a BB broadcast so I immediately called one of my friends and he confirmed that they had not been paid for six months. Haba uncle Nduka!!!.

Six months, without pay. That is wicked especially if you consider the fact that this uncle is strutting on the world stage doing things he has no business doing and wasting money in the process. Arise Magazine, colossal waste of time, ThisDay Awards for Teachers and I even hear he is setting up a 24 hour news channel to rival CNN all at the expense of his hardworking and talented staff.

If he lived like his business was suffering, one would understand. But I hear he still lives like a Lord on borrowed money, flies private jets and drinks only the best of drinks. I am sorry to say, but I  have no respect for such people.

I had tried to market him once, the way he brushed me off the phone you would think I had scabies. So this is my pay back. Oga pay your people. Maybe if you weren't owing them, I won't be kicking you like this. You brought this upon yourself.

As a young visionary, uncle used to be the kind of person I wanted to be. The beautiful Bow-ties, the courage, the mystic all made me put him up there as one of my greatest mentors. But as I grew in my career and started hearing things and reading much about him, he started dropping on my scale and today, he is on the floor.

How do you expect people to feed their families, meet up other responsibilities and still do their jobs diligently all on no pay for six months?. Na real wa.

I am taking this very personal because the title is my favourite title hosting some of the most talented writers and journalist I have come to admire. People like Segun Adeniyi, whose prose gives me feelings better than what I get from sex, Lanre Alfred, a fine gentleman, Azuka Ogujuiba, a passionate professional, Goddy Egene and a host of others.

No wonder I have been getting my favourite Style pullout on Sundays repeated. At times you get the previous week's edition secretly put in the current edition. When I called the Editor to ask, instead of her to tell me say, no money to pay printer, she start to blame vendor for Maryland.

Uncle, please forget the New York City models, we are tired of seeing Bill Clinton, and we could not careless for another Leadership Awards, just pay people their salaries.

Please do not vex o, I cannot withstand your power, should you try to fight me o. I am not Gani or Keyamo, I am just a poor Akwa Ibom man wey him papa don die, so don't fight me o, just pay people dem entitlement.


Anonymous said...

yes ooo,pls pay ur staff and stop buying luxurious watches from d likes of POLO.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious but he won't hear.
What he does with all these his events is money laundering and using that money to fund his personal lifestyle.
Why did his staff take so long to act? Is it true they do PP by the side that's why there was no strong voice to rebel? It's obvious things got to a head and they felt enough was enough.

Tutsiebabes said...

Cheap idiots.....biting more than they can chew. This kind pple na him dey get biometric machine for their organization for staff to clock in when they resume and close, on top of it all, wia d salary? Even if their office got burnt in Abuja, abi e no insure am? Bros Nduka u re gullible! Correct ibo boy toh bad

Anonymous said...

Edgar, I love your style of writing, from modemen mag pages to any where I find your write ups. You are good @ what u do. I can't stop laughing @ d yaps to una big bros, even d bible says don't deprive a laborer of his wage, i am sure koran get that too. Yeye fowls, butterflies thinking themselves bird. Them no go cut their cloth according to yards of material wey them get.

Anonymous said...

On this. ..I totally agree with u Edgar.Nduka pay ur staff abeg..biko

Anonymous said...

Err you don't want to be a widower ke? Your wife is leaving you, she's not dying nah! Abi mi o meaning widower mo ni


Anonymous said...

Am sure he wanted to say 'I don't want to be a divorcee'
It must be a typo
Amah u so funny
Saka's line got me rolling though