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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Ms Evelyn Oputu & D Banj

Nigeria's king of endorsements(we don't know, if he still is) has been signed on as the brand ambassador of the Bank of Industry. It's a continuation of the good time for the Kokomaster, this is the most prominent endorsement he has had till date after losing out at Glo for demanding for too much. 

We hear the unveiling was done very recently and D Banj himself took to Twitter to announce the new deal. 

He was pictured recently with the Executive Director, Business Development, Bank of Industry, Mr. Waheed Olagunju, Senior Manager, Entertainment & Special Products, Ms Uche Nwuka; Managing Director /CEO, Ms Evelyn Oputu & General Manager, Operations, BOI, Joseph Babatunde at the Media presentation on Monday.


Anonymous said...

DBanj DBanjDBanj, e ro ra ni be yen o. Aunty nah original cougar o. She no get part 2

Anonymous said...

Maybe D'banj prefers Cougars... arrrrrrrgggg. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What is the branding prospects between Dbanj and bank of Industry? What does Bank of Industry need brand ambassadors for?
This Brand ambassador business will warrant EFCC interest very soon.

Anonymous said...

Well Dbanj himself na gigolo
He likes them old a la FI
So this one na addition, moreover what branding does a bank need if not to try and be listed on d stock exchange and also pay ur customers high interest rate??? Economist on this blog make una step in
As per d connection now, customers hard earned money prahhhhhhhhh into this game oseeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Very sharp guy. He follows his third leg.