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Thursday, May 30, 2013



We love the fact that friends can stand in for friends in the face of it all. We must commend the writer for deeming it fit to stand for her friend(s) in the face of seeming attacks from trolls and other perceived enemies of progress. For that alone we must commend Egor Efiok. Not many friends like this exist anymore. 

We also love the attempt in cleaning up a 'supposed battered image' (Lanre Nzeribe). We particularly love the fact that Egor didn't attempt to say Uncle Lanre was never involved with the numerous names attached to him in times past as his love interest. Now that we have come to the understanding he is going to be the next Pope, let's all try to allow him live his life as he deem fit. Truth be told, the ever gorgeous Monalisa as a free citizen of this Nation has the right to make a choice on who she wants to love and who should love her in return. We her fans & public have no right(s) whatsoever to try and protect her, and that's because she's an adult who has her faculty right and therefore can make a freewill choice, without any outside influence. 

She's lived through one terrible relationship before (with the attendant emotional stress and physical battering), so she must know true love when she see it. So please, please and please let's allow sleeping dog lie oooooo. As fans, we should from now on begin to celebrate the 'very famous' love between the couple. For all you know, they might be our own Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton.



The first time I met Mr Lanre Nzeribe, Monalisa introduced him thus: "Egor, meet my best friend". It didn't take me long to realise what she meant. From the bottom of my heart, Lanre is one of the most responsible men I have ever met, the gentleman kind who'd open the door for his lady or hold her hand up the stairs to prevent her from tripping. He treats Lisa with so much love and respect and those that are close to them can testify to this. I've been so happy for Lisa, because being a witness to what she had suffered in the hands of her former marriage, this relationship was just a blessing from God.

This is the second time in my life I am going behind Monalisa's back to do something like this, but I like to follow my instincts and hope she'd understand later. When Lisa was suffering Domestic Abuse, I was so mad and said to her, this must stop, I am going to tell everyone what this man has been doing to you, she begged and begged me not to and I can still hear her exact words ringing in my head, "Egor, you know your mentality is too British, over here it's a shameful thing to leave my marital home whether he beats me or not, so please hide me oh and don't let anyone hear this kind of thing". Wow! Is this what our country has degenerated to? To make people believe that running away from a violent husband is 'a shameful thing'? To make rape victims feel ashamed like it is their fault? We lost one of our best news anchors because our society had taught her to be 'ashamed' of being raped. Go and read about Gabrielle Union, Teri Hatcher and many other Hollywood stars that suffered horrible abuse and how talking about their experiences helped a lot of people that were suffering silently. Naturally, the reality that beautiful celebrities like these can suffer the same abuse as themselves, was strong enough to heal many victims. These celebrities have remained heroes to date in Hollywood for using their bad experiences to heal others. Nigeria, when will we progress? "Wetin 9ja dey do sef"? (RIP bro)

When Monalisa left her marriage, as if the abuse she suffered there wasn't enough, the public started their own. She was receiving abusive emails daily from the judgmental public for leaving her marriage and was so stressed, I don't know how she survived it. While all this was going on, her evil ex was texting her daily. If I reveal the contents of those text messages, you'd think I'm making them up. There are so many things Monalisa suffered that I'd take with me to my grave. Those that were close to her were so mad and in anger, her uncle, Mr Kool, damned the 'shameful' consequences and spoke out.

When Titi (RIP angel) was hacked to death by her husband and the shocked public cried out in anger, it didn't occur to them that they had contributed to her death by making her continue to stay in an abusive relationship. Monalisa was beaten up so many times by her ex, even when she was pregnant, but she stayed for as long as she could out of 'shame' for leaving her marital home. The day she ran, she was using Tamar to shield herself hoping that he'd see his daughter and stop beating her, but the mad man beat both his daughter and herself and continued beating them like a crazed demon, that she didn't realise when she grabbed her daughter and turned Carl Lewis. As the public outcry about Titi intensified, I felt so hurt that many of our women will continue to die like this if we don't change our mentality, and it was that hurt that propelled me to go behind Monalisa's back and write this post (link below). That was when the shocked public started realising that they had nearly killed her and so many of them emailed, sent messages on Facebook, with some even admitting that they had also contributed to insulting her for leaving her marriage and apologised to her. Since then, you've all witnessed how God has vindicated her.

With the details that I've revealed above, you can understand why I'd be so pleased and thankful to God to see my friend and sister being treated like a queen by this perfect gentleman. What a lot of you don't know is that Lanre and Monalisa have been together for about two years. Lanre is a quiet and private person and does not like publicity, so people didn't really notice. Their relationship recently came to the public light because of Tamar's star studded birthday party and since then, insults have been heaped upon them in all their flying colours. How long will they continue to hide their relationship? Did they kill anybody and aren't they entitled to be happy?

I had never known or heard anything about Lanre Nzeribe prior to meeting him through Lisa and I've already described the Lanre that I know. So I was surprised to read the stories circulating social media and blog sites and was convinced they were mistaking him for someone else, especially when I read some false comments like him being with Lisa for her money. If it is money, I can tell you for nothing that Lanre is a millionaire. It is just because he is quiet and does not make noise. Every time I've dined with them, it's always at one posh Chinese or the other, the guy is very classy. These internet trolls are saying things that they have no clue about, with some just repeating the same baloney that they read.

Now, concerning the stories about who and who Lanre dated in the PAST and so on, please stop for a minute and calculate how many years ago that was. I have an uncle that was a playboy in his younger days and today he is a pastor, a model husband and father. He is just two years younger than Lanre, but because he isn't in the public eye, if you see him, you'd greet him with respect and address him as 'sir'. A lot of you are insulting a big man that isn't even your mate and judging him on his past just because he is in the public eye. I don't care about his past, this is definitely not the same Lanre Nzeribe of then. You guys should stop the bullying and insults or else God will judge you. Why can't you feel happy for Monalisa after knowing what she has been through? Do you want to kill all our celebs with your bullying? I thought you had learnt after Goldie. Celebrities are human and have feelings. In her attempt to re-brand herself, you bullied Oge Okoye and made her hypertensive. "She's an mgbeke"...she's this...she's that..." you kept firing! While you were busy bullying her for nothing, more talent scouts were noticing her. You were too busy putting her down to even notice the beautiful concepts, only few with the trained eye and who genuinely understand art, left meaningful comments. Look at all the magazines she has covered, yet instead of encouraging her, you bully her even more. Her first big screen movie with Hollywood stars was just premiered in Lagos and instead of congratulating her, you continued abusing her when you saw photos, with some abusing her dress even though she looked hot. Oge is an only child, please don't kill her for mother.

I should be happy after the successful premiere of Turning Point, but instead I am here feeling hurt because trolls have been insulting my friends who came there to support me. I was touched at the amount of people that came for me. Desmond's wife was very ill and he came very early and had to go late, as we didn't start on time. If it weren't because of me, he'd never have left his house that day. If it weren't because of me too, Lanre wouldn't have come with Monalisa to the premiere, he doesn't like publicity and doesn't want insults. I saw him step aside a lot when Lisa was being photographed and knew that he only took those few photos he did to please me. I could not believe the insults I read afterwards from these evil people insulting Lanre and Monalisa. What annoys me the most is the calibre of people that have the guts to insult these successful and accomplished stars who have worked hard to entertain them, just because they are in the public eye. These scallywags will insult a Nollywood legend like Segun Arinze calling him ugly. Imagine the insult. I once read a comment from one that calls himself PRINCE JOBLESS referring to Desmond Elliott as "an wrinkled old man" (sic) and Oge Okoye "a donkey". I clicked on his profile in shock and saw one rat that looks young enough to be my son and shook my head. Obviously a juvenile delinquent. Mehn...pessin dey suffer oh! An accomplished actor, producer and director chopping such insults from an intellectually challenged cretin. God dey.

I'll give you some free advice: It is important to have a good heart and not be envious of others because that is the only way that God will bless you. It is not too late to change. And to you (you know yourself), NEVER bite the fingers that fed you, NEVER EVER.

And to all those evil, jobless internet trolls, hear this: Every time your coward selves go behind your computer to write one negative word about Lanre Nzeribe, Monalisa Chinda, Desmond Elliott, Oge Okoye, or anyone that I am affiliated to that I know is a good person, pray that I do not read your comment, because if I do, I will kneel down and pray for you and I promise you one thing - God will answer. You may be 'anonymous' to us, but you are not anonymous to God. These are good people, so please leave them alone. You don't have to like them, all I ask is that you should stop insulting them. Thank you.

To all my lovely friends and family that came to the premiere of Turning Point, I am putting up a special thank you post for you next, God bless you all. I've been burned out since then and will post all the exclusive and unseen photos of everyone.

Finally, to all our lovely celebrities, please take Beyonce's advice and stop reading comments from these trolls. She said she never ever reads them cos she knows they can be hurtful, so please don't put yourselves through that. Just read the post and look at the photos, please don't read the comments. You are the important ones up there and they are the jobless ones down there hiding behind computers to spew evil on their own heads, because na back to sender prayer wey I don already 'pre-pray' for dem. Don't give up the hard work, the genuinely good people love and appreciate you.

One love all,

Egor Efiok.


Fan said...

Poorly written. Egor you have failed with this PR.

Anonymous said...

Aloba you just want to rubbish these people.

The Egor should go back and study her pr well. What she has posted is a rant by someone taking retroviral drugs for someones hiv. Yes, I agree that if you vex, you are permitted to vent your anger and irritation online a la Beyonce style. It would have made sense if Mona Lisa signed this herself or even Lanre. The writer had no right to mention all the other names she did - even if they are her clients.

The whole letter tire me jorrr.

Mama Borngirl said...

And she calls this outburst professional PR!!!

'Lara said...

I give up on our naija celebrities and the so called PRs, is this supposed to be a professional statement or a rant...I comment my reserve.

Anonymous said...

Egor abi Effiok abeg wetin dey bite u under....lanre nzeribe has got a bad rep period, when he was everywhere flaunting d old women he was dating...where were u dear.because he's dating mona na,all of a sudden he's a gd guy.
U berra advice mona well, all d money he's spending like u claim where did he get it from. E fit be borrow pose o...e no gd make mona enter one chance again o.

Anonymous said...

Leave them alone nau... Wetin... Jealousy na disease!!! If symptoms persist drink RAT POiSON.let her vent its called naija PR. Let them enjoy the relationship b4 una use mouth scatter am.& truly anonymous haters ARE cowards. signed"TAB"

Anonymous said...

Tab what is the abuse for? See who is calling people haters. Like Egor you clearly lack communication skills.

Anonymous said...

Its called freedom of speech and if really u lived in UK u shlould know better.people say all sort of tins about obama,yet he is ruling and has not written any thing bout it.all such of tins has been said about beyounce and jayz yet dy are mute.so y u dy para.its d world of celibrities.u shld knw better.so stop all this u will kneel down and cast dem.haba!

Anonymous said...

What's there to be jealous of ....lanre and all his ol'mama girlfriend's abegi.....signed ANONYMOUS!

Anonymous said...

Oh why do I have the feeling that this Egor of a person is the Internet troll called "Lalaland", a commenter in one of the Nollywood Entertainment blogs with so much similarities in their ways of writing. Lalaland claimed to be a man though, who is living in Australia but very current on these actors and actresses escapades and will literally spill everything that only an insider can know about them with Oge Okoye and Genevieve topping her list. In fact not sparing others too except for few. Truly hoping Egor is not him/her (an enemy in disguise) because this her write-up seemed more like revelation of her clients/colleagues personal affairs and indirect bullying than a defense or cyber bullying discouragement. Though, cyber bullying should truly not be condone, Constructive criticism is way better!

Anonymous said...

Egor is a lesbian jare! Egor before u kneel down to pray, can you categorically say you have not slept with Monalisa?