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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I woke up this morning after a very good night rest to a feeling of dread, Dread you might ask, whats that all about, how does that concern us the readers, that's your own problem some would have exclaimed. But the onset of the dread is about the premonition of something that I think might happen or might be happening in a few days or weeks to come and which I think is going to affect all of us, most especially Nigerians. That's the possibility of another devaluation of our beloved currency-the already very battered Naira, from what I visualize the Naira would soon be exchanging at #180 to a Dollar!!!!.

Who made you an Economist?, some would ask or what qualified you to be one, some would exclaim, who told you to be a financial analyst predicting about the value of the Dollar to the Naira, No one I say, but I just have this very strong gut feeling and it wont go away. And we are all going to be affected by it, either we like it or not.

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