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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Ex Miss Nigeria Sylvia Edem Emechete has been off the radar for a while now, since after she got married she seem to have deliberately gone incognito, we recently came across this pictures of the Ex-Queen and her hunk of a husband and we thought to bring it to your attention. We wish her a belated happy birthday celebration, she was a year older on August 6,2011. The 1st 2 pixs were at a friend's wedding, while all others were from Sylvia's birthday celebration.

1 comment:

elenu razor! said...

slyvia looks so darn different
damn her husband is taking great care of her
she looks happy
she lost some weight
and looks much better this way
back then I didnt think she deserved the title but now her beauty is radiating

she looks so old and matronly back then
way to go girl