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Sunday, August 21, 2011

BESPOKE BY LOLU- MM'S EXCLUSIVE-Celebrating our own!!!!!

He works from London, one of the 4 major Fashion capitals of the world, and from there he is gradually set on the path towards world domination, his bespoke label is eponymously named-LOLU, a proud Nigerian, who is so sure of his craft, and truth be told his shoes and clothing apparels are all exquisitely made with the finest of materials and the finishing unbelievably superb, so perfect that they can rival any of the well celebrated top-notch brands, We even heard that some of his clients reads the who is who, a noted, well respected South-West Billionaire Royal father is said to be a regular client. Also, he designs for both male & female. Everything is made to measure, and as exclusive has you want them made, all handcrafted to the minutest details.  According to Lolu- the brand is a fashion and lifestyle brand for Men and Women of discernment and class. Our ethos is simple; There is nothing more appealing than a well dressed person.
LOLU is where TRADITION and STYLE meet with CLASS, CONFIDENCE, CHARM and TIMELESS ELEGANCE to look EFFORTLESSLY sharp in shoes and clothes that are HANDMADE to order by expert craftsmen.

LOLU takes inspiration from AFRICAN / BRITISH fashion, CREATING an ART that YOU can INVEST in. Focus is on HANDMAKING all products within the UK sourcing materials from the best suppliers all over the world

For All Enquiries:
email: info@loluonline.com
Tel : +44 (0) 7984 552 037

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