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Friday, August 19, 2011

BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!!!!-Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody......

Do you remember the GOOFY duo that made up the smash hit combo then known as Kid'n'Play, do you also remember the series called House Party?, that was one fun time in the early 90's, when men were still boys, and babes were still girls, am so sure some of the readers would still remember Lisa Lisa and that iconic sound,that still rings in my head now, and many other classics-SNAP'S -Have got the Power,BBD's-Poison,Lisa Stanfield's-All around the world,Karyn White's-SUPERWOMAN, so sorry for taking you all way back when, I still believe and I might be wrong, that then was the last era of great and very well packaged and meaningful music.

Why all the tirade?, I just came across this picture of Christopher ''Kid'' Reid, and it evoked a memory so sweet, I said to share, Kid was recently arrested for a minor offence not too long ago, while the last heard about Play was that,He was now born again. Just thought to do a playback of one of their hits then-Ain't gonna hurt nobody

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