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Friday, May 19, 2017


Hmmmmmmm. She's yummy, well packaged, well connected, fashionista to the core and even involved now in the fashion business. Long before now, she had always been a successful entrepreneur, with hands in many pies. Long ago she owned a very good business involved in the food/beverage service industry, as at that time, none could rival the equipments that she had then, she was that big. Those her big expressive eyeballs are not there for just mere looking at things at all. She has always been SHARP & that truly is in capital letters, sharp sharp.

Since she moved into the clothing business, she's done very well for herself and her exclusive clientele, which includes Senator............, basically because she brings in super exotic and expensive fabrics from around the world, which she transforms into very exquisite creations, kudos to get for this. That she's gifted is not in doubt, "Midas"(a terrible flirt himself) seem to have been bewitched also by those alluring google eyes and that shape which was far more, before she trimmed down and there's that sing-song way she talks that mesmerises the ears in that sonorous way.

But with all her package, she also has an uncanny ability, that's extraordinary too. Those very expressive, round and beautiful eyes that we mentioned above are not just there for play at all (not for watching Uche Lol!!!!!!), like those of the hawk or eagle those 2 majestic birds of prey, who from an extraordinary height can hone in on a prey, her eyes too are awesome in their abilities, in fact they are exceptional. Once those eyes catches a prey, that prey is already literally done for. That target must fit a particular profile or criteria, but the number one of the criteria is that he must be undeniably liquid, must be super rich/wealthy, like some would say in that stinkingly way and the other attribute might also be that he would have roving eyes, who loves the game.

Once target is acquired, he has already become a prey and a weakling at that and he would serve till he his discarded with ignominy.

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Case study is Uncle Gre........, this dude according to the legend, served wantonly like a fountain whose source couldn't ever end. He poured in, in torrent like there was no tomorrow. When he fell, he fell head over heels totally. He chopped the hook with the worm on it, hook, line and sinker and nearly swallowed the hand carrying the line too. That Upper Volta Region, most definitely must be super coated with special honey with sprinklings of other sweet delicious things. That humongous house and G Swag in that American styled estate are said to be part of the droppings. So now imagine that now after the bubble now got busted, Uncle who couldn't contain himself no more, after bending backwards so acrobatically, would come around and he wouldn't be allowed in no more and katakata would bust and both would manhandle and womanhandle each other, abuse each other to no end and things!!!!! Imagine a grown ass man, coming around to sob and cry and be slapped and pushed around 😳!!!!! This is just one.

Another legend has it that this brother of another super liquid dude, who is Yoruba who sees himself as an adonis, brother owns some humongous, gorgeously beautiful estates around on the island. In the days of everybody owning a bank, they too owned a banking institution by name Me.......Bank. Dad was a very big star in the car business. Dude by name Bio....B fell totally, so total was his love, that he literally became a lap dog. Imagine dating someone for a whole year, and what accrued to you was the just the opportunity to only just leak the carpet alone and be digging for treasures (heading station), without ever getting to the nitty-gritty, all these while. Memnnnnnn the dude paid coins from his nose to this gorgeousness​ walking on 2 feet, who graduated many years back from Akoka wink! wink!!

The legend goes on and on and on, many avowed big boys were taken down and reduced to mere strapplings, until the young, flam........came too and had a taste of the "sweetest honey pot" in Nigeria and was swept off his feet. So now that we busted the bubble, what's next? Hmmmmmmm we are waiting oooooo.

Should we continue????

Na wa for you people oooooo Lol, Something too they sweet you all, abeggggii!!!! Lol.

OK let's go there!!!!! Another upload coming. Wait for it. 


Bumms is a well known whore said...

Bumms again. With all her powers she couldn't get a Schengen visa for herself, her mother and sister to go for Daps wedding in Greece. Omashe. Shameful. What fabrics from all over the world? Where else does she go apart from Dubai and London? Jazzed up family with her mother that killed their father. She will come and pour blood all over this post like she did in the other one. Her ex husband truly dodged a bullet. If you hear Greg talk about her now you will know she's a fake, lying, low self esteem, razz and conniving snake. Please don't give me the she went to Chrisland bullcrap. Like that is a paragon of good schools. She needs to fix her thick Yoruba accent and dirty goofy teeth. A pig will always be a pig even dressed up in diamonds. Bisexual heifer. Welcome Bumms to this post.

Bumms is a well known whore said...

BTW all she wants from Gucci is land so she can build structures. Lol. He doesn't have the kind of money she desires. She doesn't send and isn't it another mugu that took her to Dubai and London where she is now. Madam speculate on this. I dare her to comment here and her eval self will be exposed. You claim you go to MFM but you are sleeping with an Oba. MFM is the perfect ground for hiding their witchcraft in that family. Their poor father found out too late. Thank goodness he has older kids from his legal wife who are responsible people. Her own brothers happily say they have issues in their family but they don't know their utterances go a long way. I feel sorry for the women married to her bros. Start praying because you are in the midst of demons. She used to abuse everyone especially her pal A.U the bag maker that they're sugary and they do fraud. Hypocrite who says things about people that are her own traits.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aloba you slacked oh. SDK lifted the other story from here and ended up with a full expose with many comments then took the story down after she paid her. You should have dubbed those comments and pasted them here so she go pay you wella. All of you do this for owo. Why not if not!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

SDK is a blackmailer. No principles.

Anonymous said...

Whoever this mystery lady is, she is helluva lady! Mbok!

Anonymous said...

Shebi jazz dey expire! Continue oooo!