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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Like described above, our subject is actually brief in actual size (Petit would have described him the best), but small as he is in size, he over compensates for it, as he has the mentality of a giant 4 times his size.

He is a celebrity amongst the ladies. Like you all know very well, as long as you are a big spender and very flashy, even if you are from Hades, the ladies would love you to bits and gather around you like bee to honey

Dude owns a gigantic edifice of a house somewhere in the Lekki area of Lagos, which astounds all those who have ever laid eyes on it, he did justice to that mansion of a home. Dude counts amongst his fleet of cars, a Ferrari Spyder and a Lamborghini, and that's just to mention only those topmost of the range cars, there are the other normal cars too.

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Imagine that this very somewhat liquid dude, can not actually scrawl his name on a cheque. When he needs to write a cheque, he would give the paper to fill, then he would scrawl on it, in the form of his signature. The astounding aspect of all of these trappings of the very well to do (nouveau riche) is that, our man is a chronic, super chronic DEBTOR at that.

Dude loves to always look good, wearing the most trendy outfits. When he buys, he would pay a part and then to get the remaining is like a camel walking through the eye of the needle. But when he gets to the club or celebrity lounges, he loves to show off, like he owns the world, in the mold of Tony Montana.

In fact, it's like he fashioned his lifestyle after Tony Montana, hence the title of this write-up,.....SMALL man, big STATURE! 

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