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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Gorgeous edifice fit for royalty

Front of house

Francis Agoda aka I Go Dye

Comedian extraordinaire, Francis Agoda aka I Go Dye has shown what a wonderful son indeed he is, with the monumental mother's day gift, the great comedian has just presented to his beloved mom.

As part of his own mother's day present to a woman he acknowledges has been a colossal part of his life in the personal write up below, he just gifted her the edifice, whose pictures you are viewing above.

I Go Dye, whose real name is Francis Agoda 39, (born April 4, 1979) is acknowledged as one of the most liquid comedian of his generation. With what he has just done, he has separated himself from all others.

The great dude on his social media page reminisced on how life used to be like, until now. Hear him-

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Reminiscing on this picture,takes me way back to a journey, that saw me living with my mother in one room. the curtains that was behind me,was a piece of cloth that my grand mum gave to  us to cover the entrance of our door.it was so bad then, all that kept me going was the creative gift of innovating things like Solar fan, Radio transmitter, fly  Helicopter, Hover craft ship .this gave me a smile each time I got compliments. Then I always told my mother that one day I will take them out from that position,even when I made that possible years back,I still felt a debt within me.honestly then I had told my self, I will build a GOLDEN EYES mansion for my mother lol .Am just a few privileged to see some of their dreams come true and I have to inspire many others that life often saves the best, only for is to wait and strive a little more.I am just using this medium to appeal to our parents to support their children in all capacity, if there is a skill or talent that we discover in them. honestly, everyone cannot be a doctor,or lawyer, but we all have  special gifts that can set us apart from each other and become successful. This picture was yesterday hope, a dreamed fulfilled today for my #queenmum and a gift from God to help you believe in the future. Am not better than any one, just that yesterday's dream is kept alive by all of you that gave me your support and prayers. May God bless you all for making this possible for my mum, your own go pass this one in Jesus amen. 

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